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Frage von hannes_1985:

Following problem: Our final project was to rotated in HD and now are exported to finished cut as MPEG2 using Compressor for DVD Studio Pro. So far so good - After importing into studio pro, you can view the Project or error in the simulation. Also played mpeg2 video track sees the preview of the best mac.
After the firing process, however, comes an unsolvable problem for us. The entire film runs with about 105% speed - so just a little too fast? The tonal range of this is hardly to notice, but the video runs much faster. We have tried different PC's, DVD Media and various burning programs and always meet the same result. Also create a new Final Cut project and the related sequence has not changed and the Google search gives us no new insights.

Has anyone of you ever heard of such a problem and if so, can you give us a clue leading to the solution of this problem. We have conducted this process has taken dozens of times working with other projects and have nothing done differently this time - so synonymous our helplessness.

Thanks in advance ...


Antwort von Axel:

Where did you get the number 105%?
I do not know how you've done the mistake, but that sounds like the movie DVDs of 24 @ 25 well-known trick. Based on the real, which one would have with 24B / s, the movie is in PAL countries by 4% speed up play. Duration: 96%. Would correspond to a speed of 104 or 105%? Please think seriously about it and post the answer, I find it exciting, something like that.

I can only sketch the "right" way:

1st An edit in 25p Project Export FC and with Compressor so (timeline export, no frame rate conversion).

2nd A Project Pal-in DSP (create 24p or 30i would anyhow not imported here).

Subsequent solution: As long as the film is in an intra-frame codec (ProRes for example, than the one her Master of EX, HDV, or
DVCProHD yes Compressor can render the export front, important video and audio), you can have a frame rate (playback an embedded statement) with the FCS program Cinema Tools with one click Change. This is not a new file. If the sound is embedded in the mov, whose speed is adjusted automatically synonymous.


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