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Frage von julius_karli:


I have a problem with DVD Studio Pro 4

I am building a menu with levels with a Photoshop file, set the buttons / links and then play on "Finish" to the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders to play out.

Everything works, BUT:
When I use the DVD or the VIDEO_TS folder in VLC / MAC DVD player and open with the mouse hover over the menu, he does not have the "rollover effect" on the menu. Only when I click with the mouse to a menu item, then select the button at times (and when I click on it again, then he plays the verknüfpte video from it).
When I put the DVD in a stand-alone - control DVD player with the remote and put durchzappe, he selects the buttons at once!

Do not next - please advice
Tnx Jules


Antwort von Axel:

This is known: No rollover (Color of the button changes as you pass over it with the mouse without clicking that would be necessary) with the Layer menu. Rollover only works with "overlay file" - "subpicture" - "Overlay" - or "Standardmenu", all different names for and the same. Apart of the beautiful colors, the Photoshop Layers menu, aka "Menu with levels" so many disadvantages that it is virtually extinct.


Antwort von julius_karli:

why easy, if complicated synonymous goes:)
I try it with a "normal" menu
Thank you for your answer


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