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Frage von lindes10:

I built a nice menu in DVD Studio Pro and then wanted to import some videos I've created with imovie (1280 x 720). These have the mov format. When I import them, but shows to DVD Studio Pro in the media list the movie file, but audio is in brackets, so no video track has been imported. Is there a simple trick or do I cut my movies for hours now through the compressor? Thanks for your answers ...


Antwort von Axel:

The films are not DVD compatible, these are just a Pal or NTSC sizes. There is a workflow (which I know only by hearsay but), the conversion in connection s.das Authoring make, but s.klügsten it really is, all files can be imported into DSP "for hours to cut through Compressor (presets for Video and Audio "DVD).


Antwort von lindes10:

Thank you!


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