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Frage von Hildebrandt17:

Hallo erst mal!

I have the following problem:
I've created a homemade video DVD (in Encore DVD 1.5) with menus, subtitles and multiple shooting.
Now that I have but already Files of the originally deleted my hard drive I have to share a movie s.end one Stillimage.

I have already tried to import the data VOB file into Premiere, edit and re-export as. Mpg, which then leads to the fact that sound and subtitles are gone.
As a second step, I tried the DVD with Nero 7 with the function "Create DVD-Video editing, or edit ', had the consequence that menus and subtitles were gone.
And synonymous in Encore DVD can be the finished video DVD-longer Revising.

After I compelled synonymous nor Googel for solutions without success, I am now s.end with my Latin, this account this is my last attempt:

Does anybody know how to (a video. VOB file) bearbteiten a finished video DVD () can exchange a Stillimage, without losing this chapter, Untetitel and Menus?

I have Premiere, Encore DVD, and installed Photshop Nero7 with me, but I am, of course, synonymous with references s.andere Tools excited!

Thanks in advance for your help!


Antwort von Gast:

The VOBs are video, the different audio files (eg multiple languages, soundtracks, etc.) and the various subtitle merged (multiplexed). If you have a VOB file editierst or is newly re-render an MPEG file from it with only one, the primary audio stream. The other audio streams and subtitles disappear.

Want to subsequently change what you probably need to rip your DVD, so do what people get to create the purchase DVDs of their so-called backup. When you get ribs, neatly separated the video stream, the different audio streams and subtitles, as well as the individual menu.
There are a number of tools with which you can change parts of the ribbed material render without restarting or to authors. Which of these evt solve your problem, you can only you could find out for yourself. The alternative is the ribbed material together with the changes authors from scratch.

Many of the tools for manipulating the ribs or ribbed material you will find described at Doom9 and


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