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Frage von Tom_ist_verzweifelt:

Times I need your expert help! To represent my question
I must go back a bit:

I use Premiere Pro 1.5 for video editing. Now I make many
Films are to be used both as mpeg1 are available, but later synonymous
be spent in otimaler quality on DVD (mpeg2). The movie MPEG1
Variant is exclusively for viewing on the PC available and the DVD version with the menu, etc. for the TV watcher.

Now the problem is, of course, if I set the picture quality for TV
(Assessment of the settings I make on external TV screen),
is not this quality for the desired variant MPEG1 toll. So dark is too dark and bright too bright, too dull colors and contrasts of pale.

NOW the real question there is not a TOOL / FILTER / PROGRAM
or the like, which I can activate the Exprot simple, the quasi -
touch of a button from the TV_OPTIMAL settings to PC-IMAGE-OPTIMAL
Settings converted?

Or maybe there is software in which I have the TV exporterte Optimal
AVI file and disc reading this then nachkonviert?

Do you know a solution? Because to me it's just become too cumbersome
each time two Premie files and create twice the work setting to have.

Please register yourself!


Antwort von TOM_ZUSATZ:

Oh, you can email me directly synonymous s.kattners @


Antwort von Stefan:

You are sure that your assessment TV and your PC monitor are set properly?

If the assessment is too colorful TV set, it is clear that contribute the movies on the PC too pale. Respectively. conversely.

There are basically apply such tools, but you should only stand if the basic settings. It is the other way on an incorrect reference as Drittemit correctly set and monitors / TVs "look into the tube".

The issue of color calibration can employ longer provide ...

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Markus:


that video images s.PC monitor is s.Television not look like the obvious: The color space is another who Resolutionebenso, interlace / progressive, etc. -> difference between PC and TV monitor ;-)


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