Infoseite // DVD in 16:9 with Pinnacle created does not - why?

Frage von videoking:

Hello, have the following problem:
have first tried a DVD in 16:9 format to generate. Videomateral I recorded in 16:9, edited with Pinnacle 9 and DVD created.
In DVD, the DVD player can not be read, so it runs not at all!
In 4:3 format, there were unprecedented problems. Has anyone a hint for me?
I would be very pleased about an answer! Many greetings king-video -


Antwort von Pixelorkan:

in addition, it should be mentioned that of course I had several attempts, always with the same result: 'DVD can not be read'. In 4:3 format, however, no problems!

Alternatively: you can because 16:9 video into 4:3 somehow change?


Antwort von Cyclops:

With Pinnacle you can 16:9-shots easily change into 4:3. Easy on the original files in the album, right click and select 4:3 (but it would not do, because most of the film to another format will be distorted).

Does the disc s.PC?
- Yes: Perhaps the DVD player not play the disc (DVD + R / DVD-R). Then you need to burn a different type.

-No: Try this: Create a DVD with Pinnacle folder (or disk image) and test the file by using it with a player (eg Power DVD) player. If the file, then burn them to DVD with Nero. Then it should work.


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