Infoseite // DVD in Adobe Premiere 6.5 capture

Frage von Günther:

Hello, can someone help me please?

I want to make friends of one of me with Premiere 6.5 DVD you created a couple of VHS tapes. (More precisely, I have exported premiere of mpg2 and then create the DVD.)
The original Premiere project I have deleted a long time.
Can someone help me how I can return the DVD in Adobe Premiere 6.5 capture zuerstellen then videotapes. Or is there another way to hire of DVD to VHS tapes to come.
Just play the DVD s.PC and s.Videoausgang record the video does not work for me. The video jerky too.

Thank you very much



Antwort von PowerMac:

Schonmal real DVD player s.einen thought? Not from the PC. Sowas today each are under Television. Gibts p.40 euros. Simply connect with the VHS recorder. The ability to share your "order giver" synonymous itself


Antwort von MiXMaster:

Thanks, I'll `s try.
It's that simple, I'm not even presented it to me. Hopefully it works synonymous.


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