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DVD wird von Premiere Elements 7 nicht voll ausgenutzt

DVD of Premiere Elements 7 is not fully utilized

Frage von niehamawassa:
Januar 2009

Have an approximately 12 GB big draw, and would like to like to burn a DVD DL, but unfortunately the 8.5 GB of Premiere Elements 7 is not fully utilized, but only 3.4 GB of small file on the DVD is burned.
What can I do to make sure the DVD is completely exploited?


Antwort von RickyMartini:

Presumably you PE7 created a video DVD with a data rate (variable) that are still some air upwards can.
The source material is certainly DV, which is why the film is about an hour playing time is likely to have.

At about 8Mbit / s, we arrive at almost 60min just over 3.4 GB, which is a good quality which should correspond.

A DL is therefore easy for 2h SD video.

Antwort von niehamawassa:

No. Ausgngsmaterial is the HD of my Panasonic HDR 100 (or so).
The file is rendered HD 13, ~ large.

Antwort von RickyMartini:

PE7 probably make a video DVD in SD it. Without BD + BD-burner would you the HD material in the usual never synonymous HD quality on a disc you can burn.

Is the HD file in MPEG2 or AVC (HD) have been created (because of size)?

Fundamental question:
What kind of a video-disk (SD, HD, ...) you want to actually create?

Antwort von niehamawassa:

I want a normal 8.5 GB DVD create, but in the whole space is exploited. It would be the end result but a lot better. There is however no reason why PE7 data to 3.7 GB zusammenschrumpelt.
Starting material is AVCHD.

I thought only if I use a DVD Ripper, so synonymous is the space available fully consumed, and no more than half is wasted.

Antwort von jazzy_d:

How long is this video? There's nothing nämmlich if I for a 5 minute video with the data only go so high so 8.5GB data and that can not read.

DVD-Video (for the living room) is now holding times normalized and does not bend. As can be synonymous PE7 no evidence and makes probably correct.

Antwort von niehamawassa:

The video is just over 57 minutes long. The quality to 3.7 Gb is more moderate.

Antwort von RickyMartini:

12GB AVCHD, about 90min - in 16/17MBit.

You would mean with 24MBit / s have rendered to send to just 60min. What because the AVCHD encoder for settings?

In order to obtain better quality you should reconfigure the encoder to about 10Mbit / s setting. The data volume is expected to be approximately 6.7 GB and is better exploit the DL.

Antwort von tommyb:

"RickyMartini" wrote:
In order to obtain better quality you should reconfigure the encoder to about 10Mbit / s setting.

With self-burned blanks swallow but then most s.der bitrate and then it jerky.

Maximum recommended rate is 8 Mbit (Audio + Video), but I would rather 7 Mbit for video and take 256kBit for audio (stereo). All CBR encoding is:

57 min x 60 sec = 3420 * 7.3 Mbit: 8 = approx 3120 MB

Thus, Premiere will probably already have made the best (and probably has it with 8 Mbits total work rate). Now it is s.Faktor but man, if the picture looks reasonably synonymous.

How is SD runterskaliert? If the material is progressive or interlaced? Did you perhaps interlaced material and is not set correctly in the program so the program is scaled as if it were progressive material? Then it maybe that is why "moderate" from.

Antwort von niehamawassa:

And how would the correct settings for an HD recording from a "slush" to make?

Antwort von tommyb:

Tja. Your project must be properly adjusted (interlaced or progressive) and of course, synonymous in the native material Resolutiondes run.

When exporting to DVD Premiere should have the right auto settings and select the materials according to interlaced / progressive encoding.

Mach doch mal a screenshot of your video and the "moderate quality", then perhaps I can say more.

Antwort von niehamawassa:

Na soo bad it is not synonymous again. One sees halt frayed edges, and when it pans flimmrt. Also, the Dubai Hochhäser of flicker. The stop is at all o. File razor sharp, and I am of DVD, which played on the PS3 will be used differently.

Antwort von tommyb:

The extent to which it flickers? Perhaps what was with the interlaced / progressive and not properly made PS3/dein your TV does not make it right because the information is missing.

Antwort von niehamawassa:

What else can I get my back into Project synonymous AVCHD convert and transfer to the camera? If yes, what do I need to adjust?

Antwort von RickyMartini:

"niehamawassa" wrote:
What else can I get my back into Project synonymous AVCHD convert and transfer to the camera? If yes, what do I need to adjust?

That is not because the files on flash cards up to 1GB in size should be (as FAT format) and so far no BD authoring tool multiple 1GB files in the STREAM folder test. There will be a video as a single file is generated, the tens of GB in size can be.

With my HF100, I have this already experimented plenty around. ;)

1h AVCHD might be on a DL DVD place. With Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum "is pretty good after export AVCHD and BD-synonymous a disk image to create.
NERO With this image could be on the DL DVD burn.

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