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Frage von ossistef:

Hi, have a DVD connected via Scart Payer s.mein TV, but when you get him off on all TV channels only sound but no image mehr.Erst if I remove the Scart plug, everything is back ok.Das canst well not be, right?
Thanks in advance
Kind regards


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Rough guess: The automatic switching TV / AV is not in order.

If you can live with it, via the TV remote control to switch on the scart input, could the severing of the cable s.Pin8 (TV / AV switch) to create the scart cable may help. This one should not try it with a cheap scart cable and not with the high-end cable for ¬ 20 ,-.....

The remaining signal transmission works well without that pin, because otherwise it would not work a scart-RCA adapter ....


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