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DVD in das AVI Format umwandeln

DVD to AVI format

Frage von UlmsSkyliner:
März 2009

I am urgently looking for a program (freeware s.besten) where I play a DVD in avi format that can convert. The program requires no special features, such that, for example, the resolution, frame rate, etc. of the AVI file may designate.

I would like just a program that dvd as in the lossless format avi convert.

Hab grad s.Start one another and the program shows me s.dass are 10 hours lasts until the file is converted. It can not be.
Please help!

ps it is a dvd of a well-known film footage of a Christmas party which included, I must cut

Antwort von LarsProgressiv:

Hello UlmsSkyliner,

versuch's times with SMplayerMplayer project. There have mencoder with the program included:
[code: 1: a1d8d94dcc] mencoder-ovc copy-oac copy-o File.avi dvd: / / CHAPTER NUMBER $ $ [/ code: 1: a1d8d94dcc]

Copying should not take longer than 20min - depending on the DVD and hard drive speed and film length.

Good luck

Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

Habs me download, but that's just a player?

Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi UlmsSkyliner,

each conversion is tainted with losses. From a DVD to a DV Avi to create, as from H-back of whole milk to make one schmeckts and looks ....

To the original material as possible without loss next process, I would strongly advise you the format of the DVD (ie MPEG2) and maintained in the processing, only hard to use and cuts on color or the like may be dispensed with.

If your video program supports Mpeg2, try the following:

Open the DVD in Explorer and copy all existing files on your hard drive. After you rename the VOB files into Mpeg order (instead of the extension *. vob you choose the extension *. mpg). That does not always but usually.

Edit the MPEG-video files in your program and turn on the DVD-Create "Smart Rendering" on. Thus, only the edited parts of the video re-encoded, the rest remains in the original quality. For hard cuts is nothing recalculated.

Only in this way you will not have any material difference to the original look.

I do not know exactly, but I think the free software VirtualDub Video supports MPEG2.

Gruß Jörg-Emil

Antwort von LarsProgressiv:

Hello Jörg-Emil

"joerg-emil" wrote:
each conversion is tainted with losses. From a DVD to a DV Avi to create, as [...]

but he wrote garnicht but that it wants to do with it DV.
He wanted the video without the losses in an AVI container are packed.

The small-mencoder little program does nothing other than the MPEG2 Video and Sound unchanged in an AVI to pack.

UlmsSkyliner: Yes this is a player, but if the packet is synonymous a "mencoder" called program is that you can call up a console.


Antwort von Meggs:

"LarsProgressiv" wrote:

but he wrote garnicht but that it wants to do with it DV.
He wanted the video without the losses in an AVI container are packed.

Synonymous but he wrote that he wants to cut them. Either his NLE supports MPEG-cut, then he need not be the MPEG into an AVI container packing. Or it does not support MPEG-cut, then the AVI container synonymous nothing.

Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi Lars,
but if it is not a DV-AVI should be, is to me the question of the meaning. MPEG2 inside it, then he can immediately synonymous with MPEG2 work. Maybe we should write the good times, why he absolutely needs an AVI and especially what kind of AVI ....

Greetings from the Rhine

Antwort von LarsProgressiv:

Hello Jörg-Emil,

I think he's just about to have _eine_ File. Whether this is avi or something else is probably depends on your program. The individual VOBs into a folder to copy is not so handy.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

DVD2AVI - funzt been good.

B. DeKid

Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

So just try with ImTOO DVD Ripper DVD to AVI format, but the program shows me s.dass it would take 7 hours until it is finished. That can not be. Now I'll try the other programs. . .

Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

Oh, and the avi format I need so I can cut the material. (Premiere)

Mmh, yes DVD2AVI you buy. . .

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Short and concise.

A DVD Ripper use (DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter)
- After roundabout 15-20 min then you have the Vob Files (aka structure) on disk.

Then use DVD2AVI all VobFiles with main movie selection - Select codec (such as DIVX or unkompremiert) - can be expected.

- This can vary depending on the length of the movie and AVI Codec well between 4-10 hours time. (It does not matter what calculator you've got)

B. DeKid

org doom9 to get all the info and synonymous PROGIS.

Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

Okay. Thank you. The PC is currently in the process:)

MfG Chris

Antwort von Meggs:

"UlmsSkyliner" wrote:
Oh, and the avi format I need so I can cut the material. (Premiere

What a premiere? With PP 2.0 or higher, you can easily edit MPEG2.
If the DVD is not copy protected, you can see the VOB's with Explorer to copy the disk. Rename to *. mpg - ready for cutting.

Antwort von joerg-emil:

Well Meggen,
I had the next synonymous already suggested above, this way ... but will probably not be pursued, if the synonymous rename the files, not even a minute would premiere ... probably would have fewer problems than the author of this article .. .. happy downloading, installing, computing, converting and exporting, I wish ....

Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

So now again I need your help urgently!

Had I then downloaded DVD Decrypter-worked.

I have vob files into mpg renamed and opened in premiere cs3 ---> but does not ...

and with all the other programs I have tried to convert it into avi

then you can type the first few minutes to convert, the program just the other half. the other widerrum severe loss of quality, format is no longer so

So I need a program no preference whether free or shareware, to me the video of mpg to avi convert some loss. I do not need a program where I can set a lot, frame-rate-size format, etc. so I want the same video in avi only have-without change, to finally be able to cut!

So what program can you recommend me?

mfg chris

Antwort von B.DeKid:


nandub for the sound then (possibly)

B. DeKid

Antwort von bob007:

You once you link to the following:


is freeware.

I have this program, works well s.sich,
Convert DVD to AVI I have not tried
, Provides, however, pay out.

(Part with us, obs worked!)


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