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Hello Forum,

I fight in my DVDSP project so that a jump of a VTS changed the language settings to the next VTS, if this jump with the chapter before the chapter back buttons will be made on the FB.
Specifically: My startup script reads the language of the DVD player out and sets the language used accordingly, we say in German. If, at some point with the chapter is pre-chapter buttons on the FB of a VTS to another VTS jumped, then in that moment, the language changed to English.

What can you do to avoid it?

Mfg, Michael


Antwort von Axel:

Scripts are tricky, and where they are unnecessary, I would prefer to leave out. If you are a (Manual)> language menu mess, this is already linked with the language that the user has specified a computer and the owner of a DVD player as the default. That's a script, not one that you have to write though.


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Hi Axel,

scripts are quite manageable and in my case, synonymous necessary. My question is very specific to the phenomenon that a jump with the chapter forward / back buttons on a chapter VTS limit, obviously has the effect that the language setting is changed. Can you tell me this, please?

Greetings Michael


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