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Data HVX200 - Help

Frage von Johannes Leistner:
Januar 2008

Hello everybody,

Hab s.Wochenende a short film rotated with the HVX200 and am now quite desperate and that was so.

We have with two 16GB P2 cards rotated, which we always refer to an external hard disk has been transferred. Now it seems as if the hard disk failed during the transfer process. After a reboot was on the hard drive and a Content Folder File a Lastclip the exact same size, as specified on the card. Then I erased the card. And now can not Final Cut's Log and Transfer Window Premiere Pro still read the files, both programs get the audio and the thumbnails but not the videos.

If anyone has an idea how I can save the data or what might be happening, please say it.
Thank you, John

Antwort von PowerMac:

P2 Log and Final Cut Pro 6.0.2.

Antwort von camworks:

mal ne ask s.dich, johannes: do you have the p2-workflow have not previously been tested?

Antwort von Jürgen F.:

Hi John,
looks like because the "contents" Ordnr from?
Are there six other folders contain audio, icon, video, clip, proxy and Voice? How big are the files in the "Video Folder"?
Have you tried the "P2 viewer" of Pana to control.
Was the hard drive previously formatted correctly? Did you receive the data with "verify" copied. Then nothing should happen.
Which format do you have since rotated?
Grüe Jürgen F.

Antwort von hergerger:

I know sounds polemical, but such worst case scenarios, I have pure solid state storage feared. That was one reason to HDV to and parallel to disc and tape recorded. Help, I can not just give the tip, sort of in parallel to secure recording.

Antwort von camworks:

that sounds particularly polemical, because you're synonymous with its hvx simultaneously on p2 and fire gates to record it. ;-)

Antwort von studio tre:

Thanks for the replies. The Power Of I do not understand .. (tried it with Final Cut Pro in the latest version with the Log & Transfer window tries. What P2 Log to be, I do not know ..)
The content folder contains the usual six sub-folders, sub folders video contains 14.02 GB. If I remember I've synonymous verified that the size of Contents + Lastclip on the map and on the hard drive were identical.
The P2 viewer recognizes the thumbnails and audio from the clips folder plays synonymous but not from the video.
Bin for each idea very, very grateful.
Best regards,

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Anonymous" wrote:
... What Log P2 should be, I do not know ...

Simply "P2 Log" on Google to enter, and you find all the information.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von smooth-appeal:

If the file is corrupt, you have bad luck, unfortunately. Since you can try a maximum of the full sections to save on the hard drive is stored.

As the concrete in your case, I can not tell you. From my CF card, I have already corrupt video files can restore. Was then divided into several split files intact. Key scenes were obviously not there ;-)

Antwort von Jürgen F.:

narrative look more to your "workflow".
Which NLE editing thou. What version. Do you have P2 HD, 1080er, 720p or SD material.
Did you have a standalone hard drive? How is the plate s.dem editing system identified - individual drives for each card?
Is that the first problem with P2. Has it previously worked. Is it just s.diesem Project.
Attempt yet again to your "workflow" to reproduce. So new recording - transfer to external hard drive, etc. ..
Perhaps only one synonymous Drivers zerschossen. So give it a look s.einem other / external editing system.
Install the latest look P2 Viewer on a WinXP calculator, closing on the hard drive, mal sehn.
Otherwise look at Pana call.
Regards, Jürgen F.

Antwort von Johannes Leistner:

again thank everyone for the reply .. hab my problems and now can solve as follows (with the help of Barry Green) on the PC with Raylight folder content in self-containing avis convert, with the premiere off as Quicktime and the Quicktime in Final Cut then import it. Hab still sound but the problems are solvable, I think.
See you soon,

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