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Frage von Bertram:

So my situation is to follow:

I connected my PC via USB 2.0 s.den Dazzle. The VCR via S-Video and the Dazzle (S-Video plugged in) and the television (standard) via RCA s.den Dazzle (Chich out) connected.

When I play on the VCR, a video, it runs on the PC and then ..... Ferneher looping of the VCR with Dazzle works on TV. Recording from VCR to PC synonymous works), but with Pinnacle 9.4 (with 150 Dazzle there.

The only thing is it does not go by the cut-Show preview monitor on the television.
In Premiere Pro gibts ja settings where it is not synonymous much can be explained falschmachen ..... yes of itself, but the choice of connection s.den DV Firewire is only possible.

Now the question: Is it perhaps possible that Premiere really only works with DV FireWire devices and USB devices, such as the Dazzle not at first recognize?? Oder gibts da noch ne other way, as I hinbekomme ..... way with Pinnacle Studio 9.4 synonymous, I have no timeline can create on the television.

Can anyone help because ?????


Antwort von Blackeagle123:


what was on the TV monitor, if not the Timeline? Actually, yes the video, as it will later be synonymous output to DV, or DVD, and later on the Television ...
I know when the card is not whether you can see the entire timeline would really bring anything synonymous. If you still want to, or want to work with 2 monitors, you need the TV or Monitor2 s.der (connect graphics card if it has the functions)

Love Greetings


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Bertram,

virtually any video editing software works with Firewire devices, but only very, very few Programs with USB devices. The reason is explained in detail in the following link. What applies to digital camcorders and recorders, synonymous meets A / D converter to.

FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect and capture images

-> 1 (b) camcorder / recorder via Firewire or USB to hook up?
-> 1 (c) Why do not capture using graphics card, TV card or video grabber?

PS: Problems with Easy Video Joiner -> first paragraph ;-)


Antwort von Bertram:

First of thanks for the answer
I'm already working with 2 monitors. In TV there was nothing to see, or s.and only a funny green colored screen.

No. The TV is only the preview window (called the Premiere screen) must be seen to see how the picture looks like on TV afterwards (because Safeframe, color, etc.)

With the USB FireWire me the story I've been thinking almost. So really only recognize Premiere Firewire devices. So it heist choose to not feature, or buy new equipment, right?

Well .....


Antwort von gaddagah:

There is a way, your timeline via Overlay synonymous output via the video output of your computer, but it has long ago that I've read about what. Search Google for the combination of easy times "Premiere overlay" or something like that. Skip the signal output from Premiere, however, can not you.


Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

the story with the overlay was discussed in the following post last:
2 monitors + 1 = Television does it work?

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