Infoseite // De-interlaced with Quicktime Movie Export

Frage von PhilippPhilippPhilipp:


I usually convert my videos, but now I want to export as a Quicktime movie - and there (under Settings -> Custom ...) De-interlaced, I can click anywhere.
Does it have to do something with the field dominance (for me to date "Odd lines") or the sequence time base (for me 29.97) or timecode rate?

Has anyone any idea how I got this way, de-interlaced to do?

Thank you!


Antwort von Axel:

De-Interlace d does not even-more-interlaced, or "progressive". I do not sit in front, but to me does that happen with the conversion for NTSC reasonable. The best would be exported via Compressor. Explain once more. What frame rate do you want to have ultimate good?


Antwort von PhilippPhilippPhilipp:

I think I'll really care about the compressor. I want an MPEG-2 file for DVD have.


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