Infoseite // Decision: old or newer Pansonic Sony?

Frage von stefa-biel:

Aw, there's indeed similar post already, I've just seen, but again as a concrete question:

If you have the choice between a Panasonic GS 400, GS 500 and a one Sonytrv 900, all Euronen between 250 and 350:
what would you buy?

The Sony is the oldest, but Bilig than the others, but it was looking for used anyway so never really done anything with it. In good condition they are supposedly all. The GS 500 is s.neuesten, but containing no sony ...


Antwort von tommyb:

Yes and?

The TRV is now old times. If the heads are synonymous in order, possibly making the rest of the electronics problems. Since you're better off with a newer Panasonic, especially NV GS 400/500 are the best of their time.


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