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Frage von HaraldG:

MAGIX SUPPORT relating to AVCHD camcorder and the Panasonic HDC-SD1.
This camcorder uses the new AVCHD video format. This can be done with video deLuxe 2007/2008 PLUS processed.
To AVCHD to import videos, it is essential to the camera with the supplied drivers installed, if you are synonymous with removable media (8-cm DVD discs, SD Memory Card, etc.). The reason is that AVCHD cameras an improved so-called UDF file used with Windows without the drivers can not handle.
Also you need to have the Help menu in the Video deLuxe item "Additional Features" and activate MPEG-4 (fee), as synonymous to the free activate Dolby Digital decoder.
During import, you specify whether the material directly edited or changed will advance. When you convert an MPEG2 - Video created, it takes on current systems in about 3-times the playback time. This file can be converted into video deluxe unnecessary work.

Direct editing is however very rechenlastig and you should check beforehand whether your system meets these requirements, for example, with a short test video of 3 minutes in length.

Yours sincerely,
Stefan Renz
magix - Support


Antwort von HHDD:


the import and edit everything works fine! I've just not managed several scenes at once to convert and I must always wait until the finish and the next can be converted. Is there a trick?



Antwort von gisianke:


I am now 3 weeks since I tuned with the Magix support address. I import the m2ts file (Also the AVCHD) without converting them. The unmodified Effect is that the video is no longer playable. It just jerky. The individual frames are all here, however, comes even when no Still Image Monitor Display. Mostly this is just black. In the case of a conversion, everything remains fluid.

I have a dual core with 3 Ghz. At the system performance can not, since at no time TaskInfo overloading the PC finds.

Is there more to have this effect? Someone knows a solution?

Since I'm slowly s.verzweifeln, I will, willy-nilly growth Pinnacle. Has anyone experience if it works.


Antwort von gisianke:

so now it's done. The support of Magix has now after 3 weeks added to a native processing of AVCHD (. M2ts) files is not possible. This is probably only in the next release.
So do not despair, it is certainly not s.der computing power of your computer, but faulty s.der SW. Since I purchased Pinnacle 11 Pros. It does everything.



Antwort von Acki:

"It does everything."
.... except the conversion of standard DVD.

The quality is lousy there!

Gruss Acki


Antwort von Naimor:

Please can someone tell me where I find the drivers




Antwort von TUAK:

With video-editing AVCHD is a modern form of masochism.
I also have Panasonic HDC-SD 1 bought and am still not a final satisfactory solution.
The support provided by MAGIX Email was exemplary.

But now to the questions:
With Magix 2008 deluxe klappt the conversion of AVCHD (m2ts) files very well. Setting the hook on "Convert? - Do not ask), is synonymous the conversion of 5-10 files as a batch job possible. More (to 50) I tried, but then it crashes had synonymous.

To save the converted files is a 2 nd harddrive useful, because reading and writing to a hard drive and the same otherwise too much time. An external hard drive with 2 x 500 GB, I have tested synonymous. This again leads to a delay because external interfaces probably represent loss of time. Therefore this only as a backup and archiving.

I have a new Calculator (Dual Core with 6 GHz) is only for video editing to put (no games !!!). Since then no problems synonymous with the computing power (3 GHz, I had previously, was a bit slow).
I always movies with short sections (approximately 7-10 seconds per scene mostly tripod) and thus on a Panasonic 4 GB card is about 350 to 400 scenes.

For each individual film scene in the storyboard must s.Anfang about 0.5 sec off, so that a preview image appears. In addition, otherwise the movie when encoding is not processed.

In addition, I have noticed that after about 2.5 min film processing is slower. It seems a magical 2 GB RAM limit to give the calculator then "disabled". I would therefore for each new holiday a new film s.and Verton then synonymous with matching music.

Until then, everything is wonderful. In the preview, the film s.PC great.
Unfortunately, I can not all 12 individual burn movies together, because I only 2-4 movies can simultaneously load. Then the calculator rests (probably again with the above 2 GB ominous together). Therefore, I have the individual as AVI movies converted (HD 16:9 - smallest possible row size 1080 or 1280). For 4 GB memory card of a film material are now about 11 GB AVI movie files. These are viewed individually s.PC super turn out, but synonymous, I do not get it together in the burning process.
The conversion to MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 means that an inferior or right misserable quality. In particular, small articles will then, as head of a 6-pin printers. So HD is that then no more. Sometimes I ask me again a Hi8 video camera to buy, since the resulting quality and the speedy processing by 1-2-month average to great successes led.

(Pinnacle 11 I have also purchased the opposite MAGIX are rather simple. AVCHD - the material was first processed. Mehrer films together process did not. After 8-9 min completed film only crashes. Therefore complete removal.)

Where can I find instructions for setting film and basic attitude or an action sequence, in order to solve this problem? I have the Holiday Movie August 2007 has still not been completed in early February and would like new movies. Therefore, this is an emergency! Also s.MAGIX and s.PANASONIC!

Thanks TUAK


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