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Frage von NicVideo:

Hi All,

I hope you can help me, I need the videos for a presentation at the company :-(

I have several DVD of your shoot. Now I want to cut out clips and save as MPEG's. This I have done as follows:

- "Ribs" of the vob files with DVD Shrink (works fine)
- With the MPEG-Tools of TMPEG demultiplex the Vobdatei (because then I usually get one. Ac3 audio file and a. M2v file for video)
- Multiplexing the ac3 and m2v file to mpeg
- Later, Adobe Premiere is at my disposal at the Mpeg editing

Unfortunately, I can only from the vob files that are fully large (ie just over 1 GB), the m2v files
. Extract I click on the video stream of a smaller Vob file that just because the movie is so long, it is not so great, I can not Diesner under *. m2v save (He does not make it automatically the way he made it to the other files Rename hatund not do).

Thanks for a quick help.



Antwort von NicVideo:

Hello again,

I got a reply in another forum and it works.
When I am with the Freewaretoll PVAStrumento extract the video goes
Here is the link to download:

No offense, may help someone else next.



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