Infoseite // Desperately Seeking: Ext 3 "monitor for HV20/30 via RCA / Comp / HDMI

Frage von WWJD:

Hi people

Maybe you can help me.
I have such an idea. Since I am very satisfied with my still HV20/30,
but the viewfinder too small and has a bad resolution, I have such a thought s.Cinc or mini jack or connect comp / hdmi output and a 3 inch monitor to a Zacuto Z-Finder Lupenvergr. to mount. I would have one in my view, reasonable viewfinder, I prefer movies by Viewfinder. The Google Search has unfortunately not able to help me.
Have you ev me a hint?

Thank you for your effort.



Antwort von Bernd E.:

From Sonygab few years ago such a 3-inch LCD monitor, the synonymous appears from time to time on ebay. But would it not synonymous, a solution, the Z-finder or something similar just to the already existing swivel the display of the HV to mount? This has almost synonymous size is resolved better than the viewfinder and does not need its own power supply.


Antwort von WWJD:

Hi Bernd

Sure, the ne possibility, but seems like a cramped position would be to shoot.
I could tinker with the 3 "monitor ne type viewfinder extension that would result in more flexible viewfinder positions.


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