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Frage von HDV-jetzt:

So now have plenty to read high-definition.

What is the difference between the HDV and AVCHD now.
One difference seems to be the recording media memory card or magnetic tape to be.
But what with the Resolution1080 pi / Quality / Compression from?
What is the difference later when editing DV in HD quality?

Thanks Ric


Antwort von Alan Smithee:

The biggest difference between AVCHD and HDV are the storage medium (usually AVCHD on flash memory or hard drive, always on the HDV tape) and the used codec (AVCHD MPEG4 / H264, HDV: MPEG2).
On Comparison of codecs is that MPEG4 compresses more than MPEG2, but for the encode / decode requires more computing power.

Generally applies to codecs that improving one of the following parameters, the deterioration of at least one other result:
- Compression (space)
- Complexity (processing power)
- Quality
Of course, synonymous here: "Poor you go"

Wikipedia is too HDV AVCHD HDV
at HDV least the deterioration "the deterioration of at least" made.


Antwort von immanuelkant:

@ HDV now:
But times quickly using the search function here, my dear. There's been several threats to the theme!

- AVCHD (mpeg4) is more compressed: the Cf to HDV (MPG2) AVCHD requires less memory requirements (hence better conditions for storage on the map) with the same length film, but is more difficult to machine (need more computing power)

@ Alan Smithee: we have simultaneously answered ;-)


Antwort von WoWu:

AVCHD is merely a registered trademark of the Matsushita Group of companies and includes format, in the international HDTV specification (SMPTE) are not supported.
AVCHD uses the MPEG4 codec (H.264/AVC), parallel to the MPEG2 was developed and in all improvements and extensions could influence, in the MPEG2 (codec) processes for reasons of backward compatibility could no longer influence.
The difference between these two codecs is thus about 10 years of development and improvement work.
But, as I said: AVCHD format includes synonymous, although they are advertised as HDTV, but in reality from the SD-4: 3 specification of MPEG2 come.
Currently, there is also still no camcorder (in the consumer sector) s.Markt of 1920 x 1080 native scans and therefore of the SMPTE HDTV specification.


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