Infoseite // Differences Canon D 60 or D 600?

Frage von 0711video:

The upcoming Canon D 600 (750 ¬) 100 ¬ 60 as a cheaper ne D (each case). Folding umbrellas have both. Because it will certainly be net. An employee of ***** said the folding screen of the D600 dissolve lower. Is that true?

Gibts comparison charts, if so - where. I could not find anything. You Dared you like but synonymous parameters here.

There you go!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The hot xD; xxD or xxxd models, the Canon!

For Nikon, the D comes from the counter.

And sometimes when you go to Canon de then there can read exactly what the two synonymous Cams can! or even negative comparison would have to have opposition.


If you can confidently take to film the main focus of the 600D.

I proper times ahead

When the 600D came out, Magic Lantern is running on it, then greeted the 60D was the flop in the history of the Canon range, depending 10ner has done!


B. DeKid


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