Infoseite // Digibeta video format?

Frage von fleischverpackung:


I have my video into a format conversion, of which it plays on DigiBeta be. a "quicktime unkompremiert 8 bit", so well as 8-bit Uncompressed 4:2:2 denk ich.

in after effects I have in the quicktime codecs only one of the "unkompremiert" means. but no choice between 8 or 10 bit. is this the right?



Antwort von Marco:

Which video card will it be transferred to DigiBeta?



Antwort von kurt95:

ka, but I can find. why is this important?
I rather go to this "unkompremierte 8bit quicktime. are now the 8bit color depth or how?


Antwort von thos-berlin:

The question of the map is not entirely unimportant. How is the video from the calculator into the Maz (as it came into the Calculator / how should it come into the calculator). The Berabeitung in the highest possible Quallität in the PC will be nothing if you lack the material of other connection possibilities via analog connection to the Digi-Beta must restore. That is the way, "Plan B" if nothing else does.

Or you bring the cut video on a solid platform ezum off? Then sdein must ensure that there auchj the same codecs, how to cut your accounting exist.

Otherwise, should (I'm not a professional) for Digi-Beta is a suitable connector SDI format.


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