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Frage von cleo:


had myself a Dazzle DVC 100 Rev 1.1 bought my Hi8 tapes to digitizer and to burn to DVD, everything works quite well, but I have no sound on the DVD, what can I do? Do we need an extra audio connection of the camera to the laptop, the laptop Dazzle USBverbindungvom not?

Look forward to your help



Antwort von thos-berlin:

What is the Camera s.die Dazzle connected. There are people who think that with an S-video cable at the same time the sound with them. For this, additional RCA cable (white and red).

If the right is: How digitalisierst you? Can you gecapturte the video in a media player to play with sound?

If Yes: Is it in your DVD-burning program may be the sound off?


Antwort von erbse:

Hi, thos-berlin grateful for the quick reply, yes I am one of those people now have camera s.die on small jack (audio / video and the red and white chinc connected ... it's sound on the disc, but Despite all the joy with a loud buzz.
War, I still somehow gone, I still have Aschlüsse LANC, DV OUT, Headphones and PLUGIN POWER?

First let's thank you very much!


PS does this mean what I was doing with Dazzle capture? How is it compressed?


Antwort von Markus:

"Cleo" wrote: ... A [n] ment I have LANC, DV OUT, Headphones and PLUGIN POWER?
Let me guess: You give the Hi8 tapes with a Digital8 camcorder again? In that case move the Dazzle particles aside and join with the camcorder with a DV cable to s.Calculator. Et voilà: Better picture and sound quality at the same time simpler and more versatile handling!

FireWire FAQ">4. Special case Video8 / Hi8


Antwort von thos-berlin:

The DV Out Camera s.der You had to beat. Yes, follow Mark's recommendation and agree with the Camera so s.den Firewire port (other names iLink, DV, IEEE1394) on your PC. If no such map exists, you can for 10-20 euros retrofit. If in any case better off.

Regardless, it should be synonymous with your Dazzle and go when the DVD creation works and you zurechtkommst so it is synonymous OK.

The hum could be a hum loop. Just plug the power of a device (presumably the camera) the other insert.

Digitizing is the capture / playback of a video. Sorry, such terms s.and to slip out. How komprimert Dazzle, I do not know. I guess MPEG2.


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