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Direkt Capture - EOS 550D

Direct Capture - EOS 550D

Frage von Wechiii:
Juni 2010

Is coming soon - my Canon EOS 550D comes s.Montag / Tuesday. For more information you know from my intended Accessories Thread, etc. - so I'm a new thread because the subject which I do not want to work here really with the other Thread of 550D has to do to me. :-)

Now the real question:

I imagine, I've only recently seen in a DSLR video, which was standing next to a laptop, look at the immediately the material was. Whether it worked synonymous simultaneously as a monitor - no idea. Also just for the photo sessions (; Germanysnexttopmodel yes ..;) we see the so often ..

In any case, I want to make synonymous with my MBP and the 550D. Use as a live monitor (; and me is not to say that the 550D is only 480p, this is my watch covered by sausage) and synonymous directly the clips - save possibly on the same HDD? Not that I want to skip the Speicherweg on the SDHC card, I would just like the once seen s.Laptop without constantly changing with the SD card.

What is there to the possibilities? What would s.Hardware necessary, or what I would have to have a software?

Money for a monitor is not currently available, as I prefer to invest n another lens when I get to an SD monitor - therefore possibly a variant on the laptop ..

Is not so urgent, but I think most grad s.Besten as we make our stand at the planned rotation - if a director, (; poss. Cast - Fishing) and cameraman in front of the small 3 "screen, that is not beneficial; - )

I hope for constructive and helpful responses (;:

Best wishes,

Antwort von Corpse:

Look at times in the EOS Utility.

btw, sound man and actor who seek nothing s.Monitor ...;-)

Antwort von Axel:

The live-view of the 450D, which is functionally little different of that of the 550D is actually synonymous transferred via USB, that is synonymous to a MBP. However, there are strong time-delayed images with a frame rate of approximately 2-3 fps. May useful for photos, no idea, unusable for video. And capturing a movie is definitely not possible.

There is a surprisingly simple solution: a TFT monitor with HDMI (cheap, even cheaper may tested - not himself - with an HDMI> DVI adapter to an older monitor 16:10, often in the Bay really only 50 ¬ ) free. Well, while the recording is only 480p, but after the recording can be on site to check everything very quickly (we have the 7D, the addition of the design, especially in the FullHD live edition of the 550D is different). And if no electricity is near? Then, purchase a 550D for the measure taken, only to carry the MBP makes sense to also the recording via a USB cable to play the last clip. I once saw someone had turned into iPhoto as a video clip browser, was very chic. But you should plan to cut with Final Cut Pro, is an import ban on a different program. Then you need the original folder of the card, rübergezogen on your hard drive, and which are imported.

Antwort von Wechiii:

Many thanks - Axel - for the detailed answer. The screen with an HDMI seemed synonymous already in mind. Especially for the rotation, we rotate in / on / around the house - there is enough power available.

Is not it in DV cameras, the program "OnLocation" - the Livecapturing dominates. But that's then only via Firewire and DV / HDV, correct?

I'll have a s.Montag / Tuesday durchtesten all - thanks for the reply and the answers still to come (maybe) :-)

Best wishes,

PS: Now I should get my car so to mine, where the director can sit comfortably with the monitor -.- ;-) And then I chauffeured him around along with Camera and Light:-D

Antwort von Tuffy:

EOS Utility is the right keyword.

In 550D get such a passable Preview (already more than 2-3fps), if it synonymous rather for the impression Picture / sharpness is to use. You can remotely control the camera then synonymous.
MacBooks have built in my eyes not so really great panels, because of color and brightness (Mac-gamma and so) I would not necessarily rely on the display.

The films are due to the high data rate but only stored on the SDHC card, but you can directly copy then (which is sometimes synonymous gladly take a few minutes).

To the EOS Utility not before you come around so real:

Antwort von Burner87:

There is, the program Eos Movie Rec Thus we look to record the stream of live and Views. So with my 1000D which went without problems. With a current CPU could record ~ 20 FPS. Whether it comes with the 550D, I do not know.

Antwort von Axel:

"Tuffy" wrote:
MacBooks have built in my eyes not so really great panels, because of color and brightness (Mac-gamma and so) I would not necessarily rely on the display.

Since SnowLeopard is the Mac Monitor Gamma 2.2, as everywhere else Gamma is a black level - correction, wherever it comes to the representation is embedded in the monitor calibration, color space in the translation ("ColorSync" ), in the image file itself synonymous Sun in the video of the 550D, which of course is after all a Quicktime file. In the past it was the export of videos on Macs often called "gamma shift". Was that bad? But hello! And the cow is not entirely of ice. This includes but not any more original Quicktime files with those on Macs (Final Cut Pro QT is only being worked). For further information here . It is interesting for example that of synonymous and synonymous for H.264 on Macs over the QT player VLC is often preferred shows a somewhat darker picture. Both at a Snowleo-Mac as synonymous to a PC. As I said, the issue remains up to date, only it is completely wrong to claim that a MB have a panel for movs unsuitable, we may hate more than the glossy surface ;-)))

"Tuffy" wrote:
In 550D get such a passable Preview (already more than 2-3fps) ...

You would not need to guess. With QT Player 10 can make a screen capture during the preview and the images / s count. You should, however, synonymous measure the delay times.
Is it liquid? I would say, viscous. If that goes, so be happy.

Antwort von Tuffy:

Why EOS-Rec and funny capture, instead of remote control with built-in preview? The EOS Utility is free of charge here.
And if I'm right in the head, doing nothing at the Resolutionda synonymous during the recording.

@ Axel
I do not have Snow-Leopard, but Quicktime everything is always bright, as for example in Final Cut Pro. But afterwards I wanted to take. I mean, that Apple is generally not a very good panel installed, no preference for any purpose (designers have been allegedly s.Mac times much, do not know what the hold of the mirrors). My MacBook has at least extreme problems with clipping - I would content myself with just the screens with cut and clarity, but do not color assessment (at least not final!).
But it then hats so afterwards before a possible dynmaisches preset and the color correction s.einem intelligent (re) m screen.


Antwort von Wechiii:

So ... my father has really surprised me today, the 550D was from a friend (Canon employees) that he already had it I did not, then today the following happened: "Felix want to photograph you with my little digital camera today," I, "ne. this is boring, "my father brings out the 550D:" Perhaps with that? "

I was full up and away; D So now she is beside me and I'm almost excited of the EOS Utility - The first program which is really looking for:-D

For me it is really running very smoothly - almost no stuttering, perhaps sinds total 20fps - but it's all about the 2trangig.

Important that I alone had the Camera and Directing / fishing, etc. is to look at the laptop to control the image and the sharpness! And there is perfect (:

So professional, we are not synonymous again, we're doing something in the Color correction - we are both 15 years old - Let us first make a good reputation and produce good videos and have fun :-)

Ans grading we have won this time; D fits just perfectly with our idea (:

Best wishes and THANK YOU!


Antwort von Tuffy:

Youth is certainly no disgrace, but shooting without color correction, I find it hard. The good reputation comes through a round result, not only by a shallow depth of field:)

If you need some help there for the beginning, I can write happy times. Can you give some tips synonymous with the beginning of the 550D -


Antwort von Wechiii:

"Tuffy" wrote:
Youth is certainly no disgrace, but shooting without color correction, I find it hard. The good reputation comes through a round result, not only by a shallow depth of field:)

If you need some help there for the beginning, I can write happy times. Can you give some tips synonymous with the beginning of the 550D -


To what extent do you mean?

Yes, would be very interested s.einem exchange :-)

My email: @ gmx.at f.wech

Would be nice to me writing down times (:

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