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Enttäuscht von 7D Videomodus (fixed, Codecproblem, 7D is fine!)

Disappointed of 7D video mode (fixed, codec problem, 7D is fine!)

Frage von Predator:
September 2010

I have a 7D times today with a borrowed 24-70mm 8.2 Lens, DSLR to test the filming.

Alias | Wavefront Mayaing and moire are acceptable imho, which is very bitter, however, is the image noise.

I have made a video by me to compare the noise of my NX5 with the 7D


The 7D rushes REGARDLESS of the ISO at 100 already very strong in some areas of the image. Black is ok, Bright areas synonymous, but as the lower third of the signal rushes violently.

Because I do something wrong? How can we turn to the noise a low-key scene?

Edit: The video is the first NX5, then the 7D.

Antwort von pilskopf:

Very strong? Uiuiui yes but the rushes violently, my goodness, that's not really acceptable. Time in seriously what do you expect? Simply turning your movie and good. Hold but not with such absurdities on. Real time, the noise behavior here is ridiculously low and if that is the NEX better then the cam just in low light better. But the noise is ridiculous low ansprichst what you here. Mach hold the light.

Antwort von Predator:

Well Pilsi,
just look at the wallpaper in the 7D. It looks really heavy compared to the NX5, what surprises me, since the DSLRs but should be strong so super in lowlight. In the lowlight tests on the net I have such a noise synonymous never seen before.

I'm just not sure if I have something set incorrectly.

Antwort von deti:

It is incredible: You're so every week with some other strange problem. Go to 7D in movie mode: This is an SLR camera, designed for taking photos. The movie function is not only an accessory long and perfect. Many people buy these cameras because they like to work with shallow depth of field without any intention or similar in a 2 / 3 "Camera with appropriate Optics invest. If you really want to shoot, then take your other camera. To the Effects of , you should relieve the Picture Style "Neutral" and choose where the contrast set to minimum, while you can still take out saturation and sharpness to make the first


Antwort von Predator:

So what is here so everything as' ungluablich "shows is the joke!
I just pile Supertolles n Low-light shots of 7DS seen on Youtube, Vimeo, simply because it made me wonder why my lowlights Sun Noise at low ISO.

I have the saturation in Neutral now completely taken out and set to Adobe RGB. Is now much better.

Antwort von DSLR-Freak:

Yes. Looks really horrible.
That you can use for internal purposes only. Or Delete.

I do not quite know why it krisselt so strong. But at least you can turn in daylight with the action.

Antwort von pilskopf:

But Youtube and Vimeo to convert it again and again to solve your noise in air. Moreover, using the often 1.4er Lenses. But in the case, it is through the upload s.konvertieren manufacturer. The files are compressed and the noise is here vermatscht. And when you krisielt nothing bad, I think you really have no idea what that means real noise. This is a joke in your video s.Noise, as you have on every Blu Ray Movies more noise which was added artificially. Simply turning your movie and if you have totally smooth surface like wax, use a noise reduction, so that you get off every noise. But what is not always good rush can be quite pleasant. The best way to do it only once gone digital and then artificially back into video. Is so.

Antwort von DSLR-Freak:

"Pilskopf" wrote:
Moreover, using the often 1.4er Lenses.

If yes nonsense. Also: Who are they?
I'm confused.

Antwort von Predator:

@ Pils:
With the Vimeo, Youtube mud certainly true.
What you need is different but Grain and Noise.
This artificial Grain I like personally, even very good, but my video example was more like a mud-compression-noise ^ ^.

The bad thing about it is so, it rushes in color!

I still do some tests. Have the camera for two days rental.
Funnily enough I've given me all the time to worry about moire and Alias | Wavefront Mayaing, but that's no problem if you turn with a sharp and unsharp mask with bissl nachschärft.

Antwort von pilskopf:

Someone who is under low light turns to zero light, I hope no one using 1.4 and 2.8. Sure can turn synonymous with 08.02 but then, perhaps wondering why you need to rev high Iso.

Predator, if you have money, you get one like Neat Video noise reduction, so you have until you no time to worry bzgl a higher ISO so that you remove your little noise, then you will add your production s.end or even artificial grain to be this. If you upload it anyway just to Vimeo or Youtube, you can let your noise almost in it, which is compressed away. As Vimeo Pros from user but probably not here not there really is compressed.

Antwort von Predator:

Jo, Neat video, I've already looked at me.
But has it been funny. In every forum we always reads: Wow, DSLR, as can be your Videocam abstinken with little light. What a nonsense. I have to go to ISO 400 so that it at -6 db rankommt the same Aperture. And I can still pull up to 1.6 without the focus is impossible;)

I'd just like to jump on the DSLR train. Together with the Z7 I actually everything what I need, because only DSLR is not at all.
The only advantage really is DOF.

Antwort von soan:

May well be that at ISO 400 and "equivalent aperture" a comparison of-6db s.einer other camera is achieved.

But what does "same Aperture?

The Aperture is dependent of the sensor size and the flange, which can not be compared schonmal. If s.Möhre Aperture A is 4 which is still far from Aperture 4 s.Möhre B.

And should enststehen the "Aperture at the same" course because of the different sensor sizes completely different DoF but not synonymous remain anonymous.

Antwort von Predator:

Sure, but what camera should then be better thanks to sensor size? The 3 x 1 / 3 "or the APS-C?

I grad ne solution is found. The 7D movs not really seem to be compatible with Vegas and not synonymous with the Media Player.
Did they play for fun with QT and there was this 16-color video mud away, what has surprised me.

Cineform trial have now installed and converts the material into Cineform AVIs. Behold: Looks better by 80% (20% brighter and has more dynamic range), in the acceptable range.
Only works when you're in Cineform converts and not in Vegas with CineForm codec funnily enough. Neoscene babbles when converting what of "10-bit correction for 5D and 7D Luma range and color space".
This seems to be so.

Antwort von The KLF:

"Soan" wrote:

The Aperture is dependent of the sensor size and the flange, which can not be compared schonmal. If s.Möhre Aperture A is 4 which is still far from Aperture 4 s.Möhre B.

And should enststehen the "Aperture at the same" course because of the different sensor sizes completely different DoF but not synonymous remain anonymous.

The first paragraph is not true. The F number is the ratio of focal to light opening.
That is, if I have a 50mm lens and the aperture is set so that the light transmittance end opening is 12.5 mm in diameter, then Aperture is the fourth So a ratio of 1:4. This explains synonymous, why is smaller with larger aperture values, the Aperture. With Aperture 16 (whichever is greater than 4) the opening is just large place fourth, only 1 / 16 of Focal, and thus smaller.

And this ratio Focal: Aperture is independent of sensor size and flange. However, ever get to Lens (many or few lenses with appropriate light loss) at the same time opening a little more or a little less light on the sensor. The differences should be with modern lens but rather marginal.

So: 4 Aperture Aperture is fourth And so should come out with identical ISO and identical exposure time for the same Aperture always equally bright images. No matter how big or small the sensor.

The big difference with different sensor sizes is "only" in the depth of the images.

Best regards,

Antwort von deti:

"Predator" wrote:
This seems to be so.

Well then but we are happy!

It probably would have been synonymous served in the project settings, the pixel format on 32-bit floating point (full range) at 1.0 gamma set.


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