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Verzerrter Ton bei zu lauter Musik

Distorted sound is too loud music

Frage von vi-pu:
Februar 2008


Knows, perhaps someone of you well with external microphones from ...?

I have first sought, whether this issue was ever addressed. This link comes s.Nächsten, but he makes it not quite synonymous and are, above all, no right answer (http://forum.slashcam.de/xm2-verzerrter-ton-vt14216.html?highlight=verzerrter + ton), so I put my question now anyway.

First of all my "hardware components":

Camera: SonyHDR-FX1E
XLR adapter: BEACHTEC DXA-4 Dual
XLR connector 1: RODE NTG-2 Shotgun-Microphone
XLR connector 2: Sennheiser ew100 G2 - Wireless Receiver

I take to weddings s.and on. In the ballroom, I sound in the first channel via Shotgun Microphone-in (to the atmosphere in the hall and sayings from the bride and groom, etc. to be able to record), the second channel via Sennheiser wireless transmitter directly from the mixer of the tape (for a clean sound to get).

Now, I have the problem that the music in the room is large so loud that I Shotgun constant via a distorted sound recording. It helps not synonymous, that I have both the volume s.der Camera, as synonymous s.SLR adapter to the minimum down screw. This is synonymous to each post does not get cleanly. If the sound is too quiet, too dull, too much, too ... would be dull. That would be no problem aufzupolieren. But if the channel is a constant distortion, and hum with partial cracking draufhat, it brings nothing. I've already synonymous with long nights Noise Reduction hewn to the ears ... If the distortion on the same channel, then you cut largely synonymous to "good stuff" away and thus so is the whole thing then do not listen to beautiful.

I have to say that I am the biggest part of the festival is very close to the tape boxes s.den is because there is usually the bride and groom, their parents and the witnesses there and dance. Also should I rotate often, so I do not always succeed with his back to the pits to stand.

I was then entertained with a seller and he told me that such recordings to extreme situations. The distortion takes place apparently on the membrane of the microphone and should instead gives me the synonymous screw down the volume, nothing, because this only happens after the sound has arrived through the membrane.

We then came to the conclusion that I have a Microphone do, which is less sensitive than my RODE NTG-2. The seller sells only Sennheiser and Neumann microphones and of which there are apparently none of which is less sensitive.

He then advised me, with multiple microphones to work, which I s.verschiedenen points in the Festival schedule (eg. In the middle, while input ...) so that I can absorb the atmosphere, but never so close as now s . rankomme the boxes.

Is certainly worth a consideration, but firstly I have to have a lot of new equipment purchase, and secondly, I think the shotgun is very important as the bride and groom or witnesses but always something funny in the camera and say that I would like s.Schluss then synonymous not be waived.

Hence my question: someone knows of you maybe a Microphone that such shots and extreme situations would be especially suitable? Or at least better than my RODE NTG-2? Do not get me wrong, I do not think that I am a worse Microphone needed, but a less sensitive. I can well imagine that this will cost a lot synonymous.

In any case, I am grateful for any advice!

Antwort von crazy-spy:

Has the NTG2 no attenuation, Rode as it has everywhere? Ever tried the rumble filter / rolloff reinzumachen, when NTG2 in 2 stages is adjustable? S.Schalter is marked with the following symbol:

The High Pass lowers your deep tones, so the entire bass range, which is typical for the hum noise is responsible. The High Pass you must synonymous with voice recordings, to the extent that the Microphone is close s.Mund (Nahbesprecheffekt)

Antwort von vi-pu:

Hello crazy-spy

Yes, I have tried, but unfortunately not a lot.

Antwort von geid0r:

If you said that despite the sound down regulate s.Adapters and distorted in the Camera, I can not explain. I would therefore be a defect type. Let the Microphone times thorough.

I have many times with the NTG-1 work, which is technically the same and never had a problem, is not synonymous to a rock concert.

In any case, I believe that you have a less sensitive Microphone need! This assumption, you can safely forget.


Antwort von vi-pu:

Hello geid0r

Thanks for the tip! Did I like this afternoon in a registered testing laboratory, where they check my Microphone. Can you say whether it really is defective.


Antwort von Markus:

That was about in the video forum:
Distorted Sound

Antwort von Meggs:

"geid0r" wrote:

In any case, I believe that you have a less sensitive Microphone need! This assumption, you can safely forget.

That is not exactly true. Each has a micro SPL. If this is exceeded, it distorts the Micro. Normally, the SPL in the tech. Dates of Mikros specified. Many microphones have a switchable gain reduction of 10dB, so can the permissible level by 10 db increase.
I know this from experience: For loud rock concerts in the vicinity of the pit makes a normal Micro no longer with. At weddings, I had still no major problems. I have sometimes been in the vicinity of the pit, but not if most of the time.

Antwort von chris67:

@ Vi-pu

The NTG-2 can s.der Membranes from 131 dB. This is more than just disco volume that is around. 100 dB finds.
Ala condenser micro but it has a built in amplifier, which may already overridden. These are the attenuation levels because, as between capsule and the first transistor lie.
If the damping is enabled, should the circumstances are right.
However, CM does a great course, peak levels out, the controls in the Camera wegfängt not because he's not in front of the entrance level is, but somewhere back in the next reinforcement. Since using an attenuator between Micro and Camera.
In case of emergency, with a few resistors (as T-or pi-bridge), even in an intermediate connector soldered together.
This reduzierst you the input voltage so that your camera in the work area can be operated.
In addition, with so great Camera levels in the crosstalk on the other channel takes place and the other signal is synonymous with security affected .... So dampen dampen dampen.

Antwort von chris67:

Maybe even an extra tip: try it out a dynamic Micro. The parts are generally insensitive and mechanical capsules you get as good as not overridden (at somewhere over 150 db SPL). Also they do not get such high signal. That could be enough. Unfortunately there is not such a narrow directional effects, at least not to the price. But in all cases carefully for your camera in the "normal" work area and pass the volume in front of the camera.

Antwort von chris67:

I bins again (last time) I had forgotten to say when you with a voltage adapter experiment, and your camera is a supply voltage for the microphones s.den Output: OFF! Wiel you run the risk, otherwise the Camera damage. It occurred to me yet so grad ...

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