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Frage von ingenuity:
August 2006

Good morning community ..
We have to turn in the coming weeks, a feature film and are currently in the greatest stress with the script (although we have had since the spring time, but the idea did not come early summer, and only this week we started the dialöge posting, etc. .. we really know that our "finite-found" no idea should versuddeln with hasty work).
When we post editing program is Adobe Premiere Pro product, and now I wanted to ask, what settings should I determine in the first window, which attribute to the various film, s.besten make, so we followed the film with good quality playback on a TV set can (after transfer to dvd. for which I will probably use power producer gold ... is it recommended? or should we look around us otherwise shared? freeware?) is how I export and then the whole film? With what settings? With the program I have gained some experiences in recent times and will probably make it ready to mount the various scenes in some way, but with such settings, etc. I still have very effortlessly. would be glad if someone could tell because of experience.

I have just read through a link here:
Even some hard cuts to be invisible when the sound track is cut slightly displaced - a common trick among editors.

how can I solve the accompanying audio track from video? so that I can put you to hire in some settings? I have now for almost a year more and more "conscious" tv / cinema seen, and with the time falling on extreme, and it is very synonymous to, if it is missing, so you notice immediately if it is an amateur movie . ask if, during the work, I will ask more reinposten it here, hope it goes in the regulatory and you can help me synonymous would be great, and I would be grateful (super I remember that is slow, that we are too great because s.eine work have dared to believe, but synonymous, that is questionable with such a project fails s.platz) :-)
mfg and thank you in advance

edit: oh yes, it would recommend synonymous to make the whole thing in breitbild to 16:9?

Antwort von AndyZZ:

If you have a widescreen 16:9 television, if your video camera, more or less "real" can record 16:9, then you should shoot synonymous 16:9.

Among the many features in Premiere Pro should be the built-in "Help" function or the acquisition of at least one of the many Books on Adobe Premiere Pro. There were quite favorable to the conclusion that at Data Becker. All functions described here is simply impossible.

On the general settings: You'll probably even take digital (miniDV or Dig8), transfer them via firewire on a PC. Then the files are available as AVI. Premiere Pro Open and select one of the template: DV - PAL - 16:9 - 48 kHz - 16 bit or something like that might be a template. For the Import and Export features are already defined. If you want to play on DVD then you need to export them as MPEG2. Since then, there are new settings that depend on usdavon how long your movie is and whether he should be on a normal DVD or a dual-layer DVD on it.
On a normal DVD, a film with a length of 1 hour on it fits loosely: Picture with CBR (constant bitrate) 8.000 kbit / s and sound as MPEG2 with 384 kbit / s. For 1.5 hours you will film the video with data rate already down to 6,000 kbit / s (VBR variable bit rate possible).

Antwort von ingenuity:

wants about "functions" to know how the cited art effect "of VideoEdit" got done ", ie ton detach from the video, cut or separately (eg the clay begins a second before the corresponding picture on). and then tie to hire each other again, so the move does not slip when, etc.?
So you think I can take the ordinary template, you have mentioned? because yesterday I tried once (think even with just this, you have mentioned) and then have only created a name for the title designer, to be inserted on the timeline and then exported (as an *. avi, I think preferences s.den nothing else changed) and then viewed with the wmp. And then saw the name but very blurred out .. This fact has affected me questioning synonymous to all this, because I'm not even sure at the moment: - /
schonmal thanks for the answer s.frühen tomorrow :-)
mfg Ingenuity

Antwort von porky:

Clip Mark - (right click - Loosen link or something similar)

re-join: Audio - Video track highlight - right click - to group! If that's what you're looking for!

Antwort von Wiro:

I can fix anything?
So there are no misunderstandings.

Disconnect = "Connection between audio and video" Override
Again join = "connect audio and video."

Grouping is wrong here and would not lead to the desired result.
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von Uwe:

"Ingenuity" wrote:
wants about "functions" to know how the cited art effect "of VideoEdit" got done ", ie ton detach from the video, cut or separately (eg the clay begins a second before the corresponding picture on). and then tie to hire each other again, so the move does not slip when, etc.?

It is a so-called "inaudible cut" or "J / L-Cut".
2 clips next to each other so => s.Schnittpunkt the Alt key + gedrückhalten move the video track of the 2 clips to the right (as long as you want). Then combine the two (2 clips of the soundtrack is drawn over the soundtrack of 1 ...).....

Antwort von ingenuity:

Thank you, it'll go try it.
And if you had not synonymous tips for the preferences of the entire film itself?
mfg Ingenuity

edit: I habs out slowly, already works Not bad, just no need quite often to make the history window to undo, but then hopefully already.
which is synonymous ever struck me: I should edit the individual scenes of the film in their own sequences and then join a new sequence to all others? would be the quickest and most productive work art, too? And then it's hopefully a way that when I edit something in a single sequence, that the car does not it?
mfg Ingenuity

edit 2: The next contribution is of me, I'm sorry I have forgotten to log (forehead slap)

Antwort von Siggis slb:

I'm sorry about the double posts, but to answer, there is still hope jmd, who can help me. thanks.
mfg Ingenuity

Antwort von Wiro:

one of the great benefits of multiple sequence window is the creation of self-contained movie parts - this one works with relatively short timelines that are clear and fast. My current project is 15 minutes, for example, from 7 separate sequences, s.end will be sure to run together in production.
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von steve:

This message has already decomposed ...

Antwort von Siggis slb:

these sequences can be yes, then how to edit their own clips or? and fit and fitted with transitions, etc., etc.

thank you steve, is probably meant well, but I think it is worth no more big, still book a zuzutun. gedanken the work otherwise already swallowed a lot of energies and time will soon synonymous. I think you learn such a program, if a little rausprobiert And then when people are experienced, helpful forum in a good confirmation and rat catching up. I taught previously s.computer programs simply try by all boards, but since I have a program never needed to really serious purposes (except perhaps word), which was until now synonymous not bad, and follow with some. I still had recently downloaded the user manual in German. had flown over the last 200 pages a bit, what has helped me answer here in the forum along with the synonymous even a little bit. it would not be the case that I do not like to learn from my errors, etc., but simply because the time is extremely tight until the completion of our project, I can imagine a "make learning time" not in any way, so my questions etc. I'm sorry but will not stop anderst.

still ask about me, because of the "format". is a "real" film (in fact, synonymous in such a format has eg the template DV-PAL 48kHz widescreen 720x576 pixel and there is ..)? I can imagine just barely. My screen is set to 1280x960 and when I said then exported names as a title created in the designer as an avi and looked at me, which was already in full screen looked grainy and blurred out .. that's not kacke? And then when I just think s.den übertraug on dvd, and my film will look at the tv, or even in the cinema s.der canvas, then yes, the whole breath of "professionalism" has gone through the times? not?
mfg Ingenuity

Antwort von Wiro:

"Ingenuity" wrote:
... I bear in mind that is slow, that we as s.eine have ventured too great work

Yes, these concerns I have, unfortunately, synonymous.
When I then read through the previous thread - s.weia. You pretty fishing in troubled waters, because you lack the simple basics.

Take only once a camcorder in his hand and took a few shots - no preference was. You put that into the timeline and make a few basic first cut it. And then you exported this practice to a DVD (output "on DVD") and she looks at you once in s.Television, so you get a sense of how something works. And only much much later you should you with J / L-Cut and deal with such things.

About the right NLE settings Andy has even written up next has a contribution.
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von Siggis slb:

thank Wiro.
I'm sorry, but I do not consider this a result of mail processing, but rather all the steps to get there behind us.
We have created ever seen a film, was just a trash movie but has been fun and we have fertiggekriegt synonymous, was just with windows movie maker, but may find themselves let the fakt that between the first and imaginative "film on computer store "about 23 days have elapsed. And naja .. When everything is running kacke I can still fit everything in wmm now ;-) ne fun times page. I know exactly what you mean, and I agree with you only synonymous, and as a coach I would be synonymous of each group proceed to propose (learning by doing), but with us just nunmal the circumstances differently. It is no time for trial and error, and this is our / my problem.
wiro, as you write, so you währst for the same NLE settings like andy? not any bigger switch or something? but just take this strange template for pal widescreen and then look at the pixelated at full screen monitor? :-) And then when I make image files in photoshop to take just these settings or what? So the images synonymous 720x576 Create s.besten ..

wiro And when the film finally is technically not very convincing, which will probably not be soo bad (but of course it is clearly a goal of top priority to pursue what would be). Our theme is called film. But in recent weeks, especially after the film-synonymous topic selection has been found that the focus not only on the film itself, but to all other components usually synonymous (ie is film poster, film-homepage, film-interpretation, planning the shoot, etc., etc.).
mfg, thanks for your help

Antwort von Wiro:

"Anonymous" wrote:
... but just take this comic template for pal widescreen and then look at the pixelated at full screen monitor? ...

I'll give to me discreetly and pull back.
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von ingenuity:

yes I can understand if the unwissenheit suddenly becomes annoying tortur. Thanks anyway, ingenuity

Antwort von Markus:

"Ingenuity" wrote:
... but just take this comic template for pal widescreen and then look at the pixelated at full screen monitor? ...

To this end, a little info-bites:
Video recordings see s.PC-monitor does not look good

"Ingenuity" wrote:
But simply because the time is extremely close to the completion of our project, I can imagine a "make learning time" is no longer any ...

How should it go elsewhere, if not by reading and gaining experience? - Is the schedule too tight, you must project the same s.jemanden forgiven, can do it all from the ff.

Antwort von ingenuity:

Is the schedule too tight, you must project the same s.jemanden forgiven, can do it all from the ff.

Unfortunately, this probably is not. This is a work which will decide whether we s.The examinations (with you in the U.S. probably be admitted abitur) or not.
Of the beginning we knew that it would be easy and will exceed any other projects (read: create concept umfrage establish, implement, evaluate, write documentation, presenting the whole process .. is really not more than a few hours of work when outside views is not so nice weather). But now we are at times s.einem point, by synonymous enough to be self-critical, to see that we have taken us perhaps something. this is a completely new situation for us, but we have chosen a particular project and want it now, with its so-close, then we s.schluss synonymous to be proud and - what would be synonymous to the sense of the whole thing, in my opinion -- have learned something.

And do not learn s.besten you do when you discover something myself and then tried to problems to tackle first, and even then just at first, (professional) hand shall help ..?

mfg nice weekend yet

edit: @ markus, your contribution in the link you posted to you makes sense for me, synonymous written in a language I can understand. export, but until it is actually still a long way anyway.

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