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Frage von acidx:


have a DVD VOB file after Divx-encoded AVI.

Why has the DivX encoded file is not synonymous a DAR (Display Aspect Ratio) of 16:9, as the original VOB file of the DVD has?

Original VOB File:
zum Bild

DivX encoded file:
zum Bild

Did the DivX encoding settings before any scaling or new size, but the original Resolutionder VOB File of 720 * 576 left.
Have only PAL 16:9 "is selected. DivX has a PAR on the car by 16:11.

But again my question:
- Why did the DivX AVI file s.Ende no DAR of 16:9?
- And is it onso? The DivX file is displayed on the PC correctly reproduced in 16:9 ...


Antwort von Quadruplex:

I would suggest that the G-spot is simply not properly recognize them.

I'm not a connoisseur of intimate AVI specifications. But the 16:9-signaling is not obvious or not for all possible codecs in AVI precisely regulated. Not so much older versions of DivX codecs, for example, took care of absolutely no question - if I remember rightly, it is only possible since version 6.x, the pixel aspect ratio of the starting material to define. With the older codec versions, it was namely DivX-compatible DVD players so that when 16:9-clips on the DVD player to 4:3 output switch had (and again s.TV manual select 16:9) to a correct picture to see. Miscellaneous PC players also showed a 4:3 stur-Picture (pronounced egg heads).


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