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Here it comes to news reporting with links and images on the pages slashCAM Magazine


Antwort von BLNeos:

Blessing in disguise, but rarely stupid, it is all.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Och the Sun ungewühnlich is not at all, there are times Kiddies in the neighborhood in front of a drugstore a short movies rotated ala Sun Röuber and policeman, well armed with the evil balaclava and all involved with Airsoft weapons (up s.die teeth)

I thought it would be when I saw it from distance s.geschaut times ;-)

The first is one of the older residents have complained - I thought of my intended s.den 2 world war as the psydo Ballerei has been observed in the parking lot. This has the kids but not really intressiert (and amused me delicious)

Then comb out the manager and has bitched, synonymous I found funny, but was well after full draw they not funny what the kids were outside the store was playing.

Well then comb synonymous and even the first patrol s.gerauscht ... and who found the "obvious" is not synonymous so funny!

I've had me tickled pink, that was one of the best I've ever KippenPäuschen the indulged ;-)

Especially the faces of the data and comments by the kiddies and the response to the police the right time NEN space whitewashing has spoken ;-)

Gabs home then probably still synonymous trouble because Well here is known to hold each other, and even the police know well one or the other father of the shooting club or cone crew of kids.

I found that on at least very funny!


I've let myself in hindsight even a copy of the "film type" and then tell me again about broken friendship with the assembled laughed s.besten was the authentic angeflitzte police car, but you have to lie down otherwise properly Money ;-))

B. DeKid


Antwort von baerenbold:

Perhaps you will even sometimes the victim of a real attack, that's still more fun and you can die laughing out completely!
Billy the Kid is indeed washed with all waters ...


Antwort von Mantas:

I had at night (without extra light) something small rotated on a black car.
the camera was a ex1 mkh with 70 micro (long part). We heard only quitschende mature and two types of cars from me was received with something in hand. I had no idea what's going on.
"Do not move, not move," said the always nervous until he stood before me and a meter to see the relief in his eyes was that there is only one camera:)
the colleague had apparently already pulled his weapon.

must not necessarily a atrappenwaffe.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Baerenbold

I had typed shorten the story before about 2years times in reference to "shooting permits.

And yes it was very funny because typically covered, coupled with Peng Peng call and Stunt mature on the floor Tried throwing somersaults, s.einem Saturday afternoon.

So there may well laugh, right?


And for your reassurance, so I have not always lived in a small town and I have other things synonymous already experienced. Need you do so no worries ;-)


The fact remains that one should always makie a set and just when it is in a city with so and should inform dgerade projects certain organizations.

I am surprised that the boys were not directly with teasers and the obligatory "freez" stretched to the ground - where the then but usually not "remain freezed" lie, and the trigger is pressed again.

(The times I was allowed before a pub in Gastown (Vancouver BC experience) - but that was synonymous funny, I bum a rowdy with Ner Teaser Gun smite my crying freez and 5 times, can be very s.dem intelligence quotient of a police officer has doubts. )

B. DeKid


Antwort von Valentino:

Is something like a couple of colleagues have already happened several times with the fire department. They have a great fondness for fog and streets in major cities.
Well and somehow never get the unit manager in which to call a grip before shooting began in the control center. It helps if not then synonymous around 40 people running around by the team, a climber with stand 18KW and a few trucks in the area.

Then just wait a minute costs 800-1500 ¬ disengages when so an entire fire brigade for nothing :-)

Quote: One advantage of the new HD technology is so that one can make his movie quietly with small teams on Location
This is to say that most professional HD cameras are still huge in size and it is the whole small Handhelp cameras were already synonymous to DV times.
With experience you can work synonymous with a Camera S16mm very unobtrusive. Aaton A Minima mehrklich is not larger than a EX1.


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