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Kennt jemand diese billige Kamera?

Does anyone know of these cheap Camera?

Frage von okmwe:
Januar 2011

I have seen the following picture in an advertisement:

Antwort von Mikolos:

hi would have, itself synonymous search the www;)


and so far I've found nothing and if you look around on the side of the manufacturer, we see that somehow the only in the Asian and American market are represented. http://www.dxgtech.com/

Thus, you have to import this camera.


Antwort von Jott:

are cheap no-name junk cameras synonymous here to buy something extra you do not need to import.

Antwort von Realsound:

"Jott" wrote:
are cheap no-name junk cameras synonymous here to buy something extra you do not need to import.

Very effective response. Especially so helpful. Classification as a scrap camera probably based on years of work with this device. It is likely that is the part for a device, but was synonymous not the question. But please remain objective.

Antwort von Jott:

That was the point.

On amazon.de for example, you will find a wide choice s.No Name camcorders with comparable specifications and same size of 100 EUR and even well below. Someone, maybe Aldi, ordered the things pallets or container for a major retailer in the Far East, how did you discover him on it can print any brand and ticked the whole thing in this country with s.Sparfüchse still tidy profit.

Antwort von Replay:

It's true. These things are standard goods and synonymous of Rollei and Jaytech have. Something called an OEM product (a Manufacturer, is of different brands purchased and provided with their own logo).

And the stuff is no good. Sound bad, AF does not work, tinted images, low light capability is not available, 30/60 fps with the known problems.

In short: Even with 100 ¬ too expensive, you are angry with the result, and then buys it a decent camcorder. If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Crazy" wrote:
... Very effective response. Especially so helpful ... It is likely that is the part for a device, but was synonymous not the question. But please remain objective ...

Who alone is done already by the appearance of a camera on the home page of a Chinese wholesaler, who may still not big deals with what it on the technical page of such - expect camcorder - usually more or less affectionately as "China-bangers" above. The next is not bad, but there is an indication of how the Jott simply must try to save the potential buyer to be disappointed. And that is unfortunately quite likely that is not synonymous last read in various threads in this forum. If, of course, tend to claim the s.Technical good picture-and sound results more close to zero, one might synonymous with such a device can be satisfied. Only you have to know clearly what one gets involved there.
Therefore, the tip s.den Thread starters: If you are serious on it for so interested in a camera, then search the web or here in the forum times for posts on the brands Aiptek, Jay-tech or Odys, because with that name, such land China Camcorder mostly in German shelves. Even the once-renowned German brands Praktica Rollei and now have to suffer for something. And buy only where you have an easy return policy, because the chance that you perceive it, is here much higher than for brand cameras.

Antwort von Morton:


I have USDI "Praktica DVC 5.1", which would be an almost identical model, the case looks the way synonymous the same.

Positive, I found that as Battery standard battery of Fuji is used, for which there is synonymous cheap replacement batteries at Amazon and co.

The small zoom should be sufficient in many cases. The photo mode is very good, colors and exposure of the action succeed better than my Canon Ixus 5000, like the under-or (much worse) over-exposed.

The sound is bad and low, but generally I will use external recording solutions, like clip-synonymous.

For image quality, I say it this way - my mini-DV camera has cost at that time in 2000 ¬ (Sharp VL AX 1 S), but ten times cheaper off-brand Cam image quality surpasses both in light, as synonymous in a dark place (I have both cams Comparison in the direct side by side held outdoors, indoors, in the basement ...).
In this respect: Poor image quality is not, of course AAAB not expensive at the level of today's cams. I get green screens with the Billigcam eg not indicate Sun

Greater disadvantage might be the low controls. My Praktica Billigcam has indeed even a histogram function that works only so-so. And the manual brightness can be corrected, but all, the system can not hold off.


Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Okmwe" wrote:
I think that looks quite good.

I find really synonymous!

I like especially the beautiful beveled, in dark shades of professional folding screen with the jewelry on contrasting HD logo. Very nicely done!

The applied in a restrained carmine 20x zoom promise would talk to me but more subdued in royal blue. Perhaps it could be there are indeed the Manufacturer intervene if there was the Cam synonymous in this color combination, or whether they offer an upgrade kit in the form of one vial of blue nail polish with Tupfschablone, so that there would be the zoom promise Paint on individually?

As for me but then again entrances its sheer enthusiasm of storms is the highly polished chrome lens! Truly noble craftsmanship!

I wonder spontaneously, if you indicated the folding screen can even work out really. So, like in a real working near mockup. Would be mistaken, if something would attempt it, along with the really nice appearance!

I also find it extremely refined partial pixels via cooling vents clean milled on the hinged display lid. Obviously, with this highly sophisticated solution for example when shooting a sunset, where our Zentralgestirm half left just over the horizon framed as the middle, overheating of the present there Display - pixels can be effectively reduced. The Chinese were for me has always been design gods!

Depending on the weight of this Cam model could possibly also use it as a bookend or a valuable bottle of wine, lean. A knotted cord and passed over a pulley could get the part as a counterweight for a short ball in the living room is used. If you take the line s.Stelle a thin rope and knotting it, a hand strap to the camera could be used as a throw-synonymous Apportierspielzeug for the Rottweiler of Omi. Or if, for example once enough water in the watering can is just and no cock near drip, then the sinking of the action would help raise the irrigation water level slope and emulate such a good pitcher. The possibilities are myirad! - Do you have other suggestions for the use of plastic blocks?

Antwort von Filmo:

Shim wedge for the Smart ....

Antwort von campool:

Equipment gains for a dedicated film makers in Cologne ...

Antwort von Debonnaire:

Melt and pour yogurt cup from it.

throw into the air and rain a few more inexplicable dead birds from the sky can be.

In Karl's throw fish ponds and create more inexplicable dead fish.

stick with duct tape before the bulb and go as a Borg s.den next carnival ball.

Video making movies with it. - * LOL * Just kidding! ;-)

Antwort von cantsin:

"Debonnaire" wrote:
Melt and pour yogurt cup from it.

I own a cheap Aiptek HD Camera, love (of course not as the default - or universal camera) and have consequently usdiesen Film

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