Infoseite // Dolby 5.1 at Studio 9 plus without a subwoofer

Frage von LaWu:


I have learned of a friend that I once Pinnacle Studio 9 video editing to take, since it in Dolby digital 5.1.

Well, it all funzt very good, but I did when watching on the DVD player does not control the subwoofer. The remains simple although the LFA-lit symbol .?.?.?

Can someone tell me what it is and with what kind of filter, but I get to run during the processing?

MfG LaWu


Antwort von Axel:

Broken subwoofer / Processor or check cable connection. Because the subwoofer is yes, depending on the frequency setting of the processor, synonymous normal lower frequencies (usually below 100 Hz), which in the normal range already included. Low Frequency Effects, however, are artificially enhanced, extremely low frequencies between about 20-80 Hz, the normal of microphones often prorated "swallowed" are. The normal frecherweise subwoofer in a so-called 5.1 surround system for home theater serves mostly to the satellite speakers as small as possible to keep, but because of its size frequencies below 80 Hz without distortion is no longer present.
When a DVD with 5.1 Sound effektlastigem your subwoofer (as a counter-test) still appeals, missing your AC3 file a statement for the DVD player: "Enable LFE". This setting prevents the channel is a stereo downmix for stereo playback on a TV would be added.
The hum as a passing truck is allowed to mix the LFE signal is not gepitcht, but it must be the low frequencies with a lowpass filter and then extracted to be strengthened. The problem with the mixture may be that these sounds are not listening when interpreted correctly. If your facility which permits playing a battle scene from Lord of the rings times only on the LFE channel, and you know what I mean. In most scenes in most movies, the LFE channel mute.
EDIT: For countless complaint thread about Pinnacle, I agree that the program often promises more than it holds. Presumably, there are all these options do not. Surround is nothing that you just like stereo "generate", or "digitizer". It requires a fine mix, to which one if not professional, at least as a good hardware needs. Forget it.


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