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Frage von WolliGL:

With this film, I can not get next:

Video: DivX 5 768x304 25.00fps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 5ch 320Kbps

The movie I want to convert to MPEG, which would be synonymous not a problem if there were not the Dolby AC3, after which there was no longer to convert, then the movie was without sound.
I would like to WAV then modify something like this:

Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo

When you see the picture aspect ratio of 768x304, it would be 2,52:1, as you can imagine, is what sort of thick bars above and below.
Who would have even a hint about this, because if I would convert it to DVD player format 352x288, would a 100 pound person just come across as a 50-pound male.
So that I am black bars above and below must take in Purchase is clear to me at least I mean something narrower, as it is at the moment.

My operating system is Windows ME

Programs I use the following:
Tmpgenc 2.5
TMPGEnc DVD-Author
MainConcept MPEG Encoder
Virtual Dub
Virtual Dub Mod

TMPGEnc Express does not go because of ME

I would also install a new program synonymous sure if it was needed.



Antwort von Markus:


Relating to DivX time take a look at the article Problems with Soundtrack. Then, perhaps aware that your project may not be as simple as it first looks.

The video I would be treated as follows: (Where necessary, install an appropriate video editing software), starting a 16:9 project and paste this video file while maintaining the picture aspect ratio. This caused the top and bottom black edges, but the picture is not distorted.

To the sound, I would worry me if that worked with the Picture. ;-)


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