Infoseite // Dolby Digital sound without SurCode plugin in Adobe Encore and Premiere Pro CS5

Frage von Elmo:

Hello Dolby Digital Fans,

I would like to describe the solution to my problem with Dolby Digital (; DD) 5.1 a Panasonic HDC-SD707 / HDC-TM700.


Video Premiere Cut, DVD authoring in Encore.


It creates an audio downmix to two tracks (and after the preferences in Premiere)!


In Premiere:
The sequence, cut to the AVCHD data is used, the master track have adjusted 5.1. The finished video parts can now be integrated using Dynamic Link in Encore. You also need, however, the audio as 5.1 aac to be exported. (; About File / Export / Media ... Only/5.1 template select audio channels)

XMedia Record (; freeware converter):
The exported file is aac with the help of this freeware in a converted AC3 file with 5.1 channels.

In Encore:
The dynamic link pasted on video material is inserted into an editing window with the same long AC3 file. The audio material can now be of any DVD player out in full as a native DD5.1.

now I can finally my DD5.1 functionality enjoy my HD Cam ... without the 295 ® for SurCode issue:)

Still to be clarified:
Does it synonymous with BluRay ...?

Greetings Elmo ... and a big hello to the forum


Antwort von MM194:

"Elmo" wrote:

Still to be clarified:
Does it synonymous with BluRay ...?

yes works.

I always make DVDs for the "Grandma's" and Blue-ray for me. I will always synonymous both sound tracks on it unless a DVD Player of 0815 is only via scart s.TV it should come clear.


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