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Frage von waschmitteljunky:


I have a double layer DVD on my plate withdrawn. With VLC I can VOBs on PC look great, but I want to (at least) synonymous can watch on TV. But I wanted to 2 DVD-RW Disks burn.

The DVD is designed to:
Query language (for Menusprache and default)
Main Menu
- Individually
- Clip1
- Clip2
- Clip3
- Clip4
- Language (sound and subtitles)
- Subtitle ...
- Language ...
- All (game clip in a row from 1-4)

There are 4 clips on the DVD consists of 3 each VOBs. The first is only 358KB in size, the second 1GB and the third 600-700MB.
The first clip is the only different: he was the first VOB 190MB.
There is the sub for Eineln drin.

I have now with Nero 5 burning two DVDs (DVD Video):
DVD1 with all data except the 3 files of each Clip 3 and 4
DVD2 with all data except the 3 files for each clip of 1 and 2

DVD2 did not work, so I nachgeguckt and the menu (VOB_0 of Clip1) draufgebraten again.

The DVD works only in the menu when I "Single" will start the clip, DVD player, the DVD not to like.

I suppose that I have any new offsets can be calculated.

What should I do?
How do you do that?
Which Programs can it?
Is there perhaps a tool that the car is done.


PS: I have tried to convert the stuff (XviD), but the skin is not the way:
DVD2AVI staucht the Picture (half width => egg heads) and apparently only AutoGK works with DS. But I have not DS MPEG2 codec / filter is placed to run.
Moreover, it would be better with no conversion, because the entire geguckt only 1-2 times, before the blank is removed ... and then convert every hours ...


Antwort von Mylenium:

"waschmitteljunky" wrote: Is there perhaps a tool that the car is done.

Nope. That would be too simple.

Otherwise I would simply leave. First isses more than questionable anyway, here are tips on how you illegally ripped (?) DVDs further, on the other hand, is much more complex matter than just a few offsets to recalculate. Depending on how much effort other people have given you life difficult to make, you must jump the whole chain and to re-write you need to have the whole structure entknoten. This goes for example with IfoEdit and PGCEdit. For detailed descriptions, read books and websites. This goes far beyond simple tutorials.



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