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Double standards

Frage von domain:

Recently synonymous here are so many Amateufilme for review and with an invitation to criticism linked.
It turns out that there seems to be very different reviews and reviewers are. So far, I think that it really only universally valid quality criteria for film s.sich there.
To me, however gradually, that is their own amateur film subculture has established, with the entirely different and separate criteria for s.die addressed. They seem to feel s.der fun and carefree Filmerei s.sich fact synonymous, or else Can not Do with your own to compare and judge accordingly relatively favorably.
I'm not so sure whether some of us are not too strict with the products of those who love their hobby into court.
What do you this?

Antwort von RickyMartini:

Would I Uralt my videos from the early beginnings Kredenzen others here, I would have a capture rate of hot ears!;)

I have the good fortune to be an early cinematographer, mainly documentaries and features produced has to know it. This has given me tough feedback on what I call unsuspecting amateur with a great love for film and video of my work, had to digest.

Without his invaluable criticism and his knowledge of Fotogafie and productions, I would still the "junk" from my early days to produce. Honest criticism is essential to improving quality.

I make myself very clear against a dilution of criticism and pampering of Amateurfilmern!
The bar is very high nunmal (CSI, Lost, numerous feature films) s.denen we orient. Some claim s.Camera-cutting and labor must be made easy. Who wants to listen to music when ever wrong wrong notes outstanding and sung? The music scene there is much harder.

Who's works are priced to the public, must be synonymous criticism - in that he always will be better! :)
Criticism must be constructive and should not only make down.
Shows how it is better and give hope!

Antwort von Sam Steez:

Criticism must be honest, and who likes bad movies does not synonymous brauch criticism, right? Unless it comes to the other ready to do him but to show what he can do better, then criticism is hard but just right ... and who can not handle it, should his videos in Youtube just prefer to post about this and nothing in Slashcam write ... and a video is less hard to judge just because it is an amateur video, I find synonymous sau uncool, that's when his child vllt make from the nursery is not exactly a Picasso-like picture with brought home, there is praise, etc. . nem with little improvement Tip iO course, but not in adults want to make the videos ...

Antwort von shodushitanaka:

Case recently in Forum: images of a coffee maker (I think) in the style as a big advertisement for a large electric company should be saddled.
Here I find harsh criticism appropriate, since the video did not correspond to it and he wanted almost nothing else. Ich sag mal clumsy, "Because someone wanted to with the great assistance of" and it was necessary to him on the ground to get the facts.

Then there is the alternative, which, as already said domain, carefree, without printing job, often just out of love for the thing, his "movies" produced - where the fun and joy to own mostly s.erster position.
Here is my opinion, same as above criticism is not appropriate, especially since it fell on deaf ears, even if the person is not in the "Olympus of" will be / must, or can not do anything with it - the two worlds collide together. Because nothing good is synonymous, with the criticism sometimes defeats Make / insults auszuschmücken because everyone decides for itself when it when it "hit" makes, and he endeavored to increase its level.
Otherwise you could synonymous throughout the day so spend critical comments on the millions of Youtube videos to scrap.

And critics should stop always justified, which nobody else can make a start.

Gruss, Shodushi

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"domain" wrote:
So far, I think that it really only universally valid quality criteria for film s.sich there.

Those who would?

That the camera can not bucking.
Man, the colors are not totally over / under control
The cut to the sound must fit
It is not the crew gets into the Picture
and then next ....

I think we should all realize synonymous wrong when the fits to the concept of the whole, out of me.
Then you should take note of criticism themselves. Den when I realize something bad shape then appear to me as a viewer, the "real" scenes distorted and do not fit with the look.

Un the subculture because you ansprichst exestiert, one sees s.Youtube yes.
So has its advantages and disadvantages of the above examples, it is now synonymous deliberately break.

B. DeKid

Antwort von PowerMac:

A film is rated s.sich. It is necessary to evaluate s.sich, not to the Comparison with the upper class, even with the lower class. I see a movie, I have an opinion s.sich, I outer s.sich this ruling. Really, a priori, this is not his, but it stands for the film, synonymous if the criticism is in reality formed. Of course for every film.

Antwort von Axel:

"RickyMartini" wrote:
The bar is very high nunmal (CSI, Lost, numerous feature films) s.denen we orient. Some claim s.Camera-cutting and labor must be made easy.

The technical implementation is a criterion. A movie, with the amateur-term funding has been made, you have a certain simplicity of execution is already admitted. Personally, I often find shorts that are clearly s.einem "look" orient, especially bad.

"Powermac" wrote:
A film is rated s.sich.

Other hand, as Powermac writes film is a medium in which content (ideas) and form (design) can not be dissociated. If both 100% cover would be the ideal case. We deal not with all those complicated forms to ensure only original idea or successful imitation of technical models einzuheimsen praise. The criticism should be differentiated and therefore may be appropriate, but that's it here, I think.

Antwort von shipoffools:

Double standards or not, the main reason why people usually do not unreservedly positive criticism for amateur movie may make, in my eyes is the fact that most Amateurfilmern s.den basic design for the film itself is missing. A very high percentage of video - and movie fans seem to think that we should only be a good tripod and a good party a little thing going on "film", the whole thing was finished and zusammenschnippeln the "masterpiece". What comes out, you have unfortunately all too often that is incompatible with another one when a little criticism for his "mess to" expected: Missing Story, a few meaningful and innhaltslos sequence settings cadrage miserable, lack of lighting, bad acting, uncharitable draufgeklatschte zero-eight-Fuffzen Music - Works for the trash can, an insult to the eye and ear. If it's something of a subculture there, please, pleased, but then it should remain synonymous in secret, where it belongs, and does not penetrate surface s.die.

Good, that one of Amateurfilmern with a low budget, both for the technology s.sich as synonymous for the rotation itself is not "Hollywood" expect, is clear. Moreover, today we are all of the "media world" of perfect, polished to high gloss film products so spoiled that even with the resources gerningsten "produced" video clip attaches s.diesen high standards. With "no-budget" is not Hollywood but nunmal standard reach.

If it were but amateurs s.Werk who understand their craft, an (artistic) have an eye for essentials, ie image design, etc. and cadrage synonymous with the necessary instinct for dealing with sound (dialogues, atom, etc.) and film ( ... and film correctly can work wonders you know, and even an average image as something special appearance), then you can synonymous with amateur means "art film" create a good story provided. Unfortunately, success is very, very few filmmakers, like here in the forum linked examples, or the whole YouTube garbage always sad evidence of what ultimately synonymous mostly s.fehlendem content, flawed dramaturgy (... if they exist at all is ...) and assembly is bad.

Antwort von RickyMartini:

Who seriously does not produce commercial videos you should look with reportage and documentary work. There you can learn how to get through the alternation of focal setting and can make good pictures, which are synonymous to assemble useful. A good observation and a lot of patience, however, is not entirely unimportant.

A small video about a crafts (carving, weaving baskets, etc.), with varied images and only from hard, clean cuts composed - without any trick visors - would be something really worth seeing! Appropriate music can of course be used and may Soundübergnäge harmonic synonymous with apertures can be realized.

"Hollywood" at the amateur alone fails because it "hard cut" usually not controlled and so takes his mounted that a grief almost rausfallen eyes - because of the myriad of panels and the trick Erbebenkameraführung!

Antwort von domain:

Can I sign everything, what you've written Shipoffools.
It must be because they are synonymous, a psychological phenomenon that why so many amateurs and amateurs in their films so happy heart is secretly owned and probably a oh .. and ah .. expect. Namely, the inability of the objective and detached self-reflection and criticism.
For amateurs, virtually all the recordings with a positive reminder of the tail already recording her connected, but for other viewers at the same time, unknown and insignificant.
Furthermore, is often assumed that the mastery of some very learned childish NLE digital picture games also enthusiatische enthusiasms among viewers will encounter all nonsense.
There have been masterful sündteure and animations from the best studios in the world, so that the mouth remains open.

The first step from amateur to (artistic) professional would be the ability to fit perfectly in the situation of bystanders and spectators to make their own "work" with foreign and especially by the media tide discriminating eye to see.

But I believe above all is overlooked is that such a film actually similar effect should exercise music, primarily influencing the emotional world and thus spontaneously changing its own state. So just play the image design and the light so the picture effect s.sich and the dramatic design of the film shown and such a big role.

Antwort von RickyMartini:

In Luxor, the candidate seen as soon as he sees himself as the jury and his ability matters. The discrepancy is not uncommon to attract candidates to the ground under its feet (poor little Bubi)!

We consider times - someone would think he mastered his vocal instrument, without ever having sought professional opinion on this to have - and then falls from clouds, if he says come from his throat just garbage? How naive must be such a candidate than that he did not know how ruthless and extremely exhausting the music world?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

The main domain of subculture, which is so synonymous with high
DSDS BigBrother etc. ringtones and shapes / presented, but has no relation to what some of the appeal.

I see it again and again, if I someone a movie (classic) and give the film with a back face get spoiled.

I think the shape as we here about so many works directed, is already well mixed and objectively.

B. DeKid

Antwort von domain:

True, the flavor changing current epochal and maybe we come because sometimes no longer with, so synonymous my insecurity. I can think of several old films do not show up to view, much less my children.
Interestingly, though, that I personally as Charlie Chaplin films can still irritate. There lies a genius behind it, which for me is hard to grasp.
Well, in the sum of all the opinions we represent a wide spectrum of opinion, that is probably ok.
It is synonymous really not about to discourage hobbyists.
Everyone should do whatever makes him happy. Another question for me is, however, the cinematic exhibitionism, which one encounters everywhere mE.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

CC films are synonymous with timeless, because the story you tell is all present. This kind of representation will be synonymous nor 100 years, can understand.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Debonnaire:

"domain" wrote:
(...) I can think of several old films do not show up to view, much less my children.

Och komm, domain ... What can because now your poor little children that you are "on various old films no longer view" can?

You should watch your children NEVERTHELESS, synonymous if you are not certain movies (more) like it! Just off the film and watch children and you are happy if all the currently grown, reflecting kiddies, ok? ;-)

You wanted, although interesting and relevant statements of interspersed, Abhandlungen here just a little grind ... with humor! - Gelungen? ;-)

Now, still relating to:
Those who actively seek criticism REQUIRES must cope with it can that these synonymous unabated and often brutal frankness coming! Otherwise, he should on Youtube-only stay and be with beweihräuchern and gegenbeweihräuchertwerden of unexperienced Anfängermöchtegernfilmern completely satisfied, but absolutely nothing to say about the event. I MUST not go on Youtube. But critics here and I'm here ichs must be! - So: No Geplärre if not mere "Ah" s and "Oh" s and "Wow, what art thou but a great bloke films (not a typo), but you have the Page peel effect in your NLE-discovered confidence! 's come back!

The cinematography (yes, Videofilmerei purely synonymous belongs here!) Has doubled in the last 25 years so massively developed, changed and improved mostly synonymous, that with movies, what our fathers nor of the chairs were torn, now simply no longer win Blumentopf can. Hard, but true!

For me that is never dependent on the skill level of the opponent ( "Be nice, I just got my first camera from the box gepuhlt and the cat in the living room-with-candlelight in full automatic mode and to me now like to know what you think. .. "- THE NO ONE WANTS TO SEE!), but only if the movie myself among many different points of view like me and respond. And that assessment is now almost exclusively of all the professional work in the movies and in the (good) television shaped! Since depends on the bar extremely high!

Just because a movie was made, it is still far from being synonymous auto PLACES VALUE! Synonymous And if your closest friends and to your mom's work was stunning, it is far from being synonymous auto PLACES VALUE! (You look just look at all the DSDS Arschdeppennulltontreffmöchtegernsingerärsche to what mums and their friends have said how great they were and how famous she could sing ...) Exactly the same applies for movies! Yes, (almost) all meant for the film maker is a momentous task, but that's all viewers who do not throes had schnurzpiepegal! When it failed, if not to your liking, you can start your life is invested, the criticism is you "shit" attest!

So: half step from their own brains out, another film with external eyes, you forget that his own heart and soul is invested and tough to judge whether you scrap the same film ANOTHER UNKNOWN, synonymous would have liked! - If not, then do not post here and ask after criticism. I sags again: IF NOT, THEN DO NOT PUBLISH HERE UNDER REVIEW AND QUESTIONS!

Antwort von RickyMartini:

Quite brilliant contribution Debonnaire (flowers before your feet stray)!
The neologism Arschdeppennulltontreffmöchtegernsingerärsche has the stuff to the word of the year 2009 - at least on Slashcam! :)

Especially I BluRay on 'casino' views and found the mess to, as to his earliest broadcast time, very large class! There sits each setting, each cut, each mono-and dialogue, every gesture and facial expressions of the actors, the light, the music, the equipment - just simply every detail imaginable! This is the film an almost three-harsh criticism s.der allocated world with their little and big ass holes, all of which from the great cakes abhaben want. Large, wonderful (home) movies, from the man so all may learn to handle.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Shooting is an art!

In film, I understand now synonymous all the criteria of the concept, shape and etc. ....

Actually, so a bit like painting with moving images only.
An art Jartausende it there.

A large part of "Youtube" clips could look like. a "self-affirmation in our world today" show. What the otherwise s.den PC consumers accustomed to his life dristen another thrust there.
One can well s.Stillimage the synonymous sites and generally see private Web sites.

But I find this kind of art, properly synonymous create new art can be.

Quasi since eg. Blair Witch may I now virtually no preference as to film. Cloverfield would be as a "Blair Witch, Part 25" to see.
The viewer is clear, however, differences to Youtube clips that are for him to make the movie he saw. What the mass s.Clips he has consumed, synonymous with trained eye detected.

This allows you or even the present form of criticism adapt - Bzgl. "New Styles"

The person responsible should be a little bit of craft understand what, so that his work is not quite so bad is no preference which camera he carries, or how he cuts.

Who eg. Memento knows who knows, perhaps what I mean.
The film is good, and would be 20 years ago not have been.

I often see movies / pictures of the friends wanted to shoot something and some are quite interesting because "Schapper shots" in the process where you think, Hmm, is actually gäckig.

This subculture will definitely be new ways for the art "movie" with lead and is therefore only as "bad" to understand.

Should we perhaps observe today.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Plenz:

I can only say this issue: the tastes are different. What one is important and as an assessment criterion is the other completely no preference.

I think as Heidi Klum and Madonna plenty of unattractive, other people they idolize me not understandable reasons. There were times synonymous a famous artist (I'm just not in his name), who founded an amateur orchestra in which nobody mastered his instrument, and if so, over time, then it happened, was the one with a new amateur exchanged.

Who wants to be because presume to general rules for quality videos that are on the technical details (blurred, blurred) go?

Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Plenz" wrote:
Who wants to be because presume to general rules for quality videos that are on the technical details (blurred, blurred) go?

What are we, according to your statements of "blurred" and "blurred" not be good? There are even "tastes" like the DAS! ;-)

Antwort von Plenz:

Now that you're saying that ... especially tailored to young people so obviously television is invariably shoulder with cameras, with the cameraman before the continuous object and forth, dancing in front and back. There must be enough people who find this Geschaukel well.

Antwort von Debonnaire:


Although I use this new "trend" hate, hate, hate! When the film "The Bourne Ultimatum", I almost become bad if all the Gerüttel, Gezoome and Geschüttel! Corrosive!

Antwort von ArnAuge:

Debonnaire for me has said everything there (here among us) to say there.

Meaning of life, is next to be developed. If you are not constantly trying to improve our performance, develops car back. So, every day is even a small A-type kick! And if I am here (again among us, not the general Youtube-and RTL-saucer-level public!) To evaluate a film RESTRICT, then I expect well-A-kicks and suggestions of all of those who - dankbarerweise (!) - that sets apart. And as long as this level will take place on zivilsiertem,'s synonymous does not hurt.

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