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Frage von maratv:

Video Hello Friends,

currently produces one looking for a Short Film and Effect, with the
I want to launch a dream sequence (memory of a person
s.eine earlier incident).

Can anyone recommend me one effect of the possibly synonymous in
Adobe Premiere Pro is included?

Thank you for a message.



Antwort von Axel:

A real introduction to a dream does not exist in life. You are in a dream, and that's that! Of course there try a number of transitions, which offer the cliché of a dream intro, if you like that, just different transitions.
Instead, I would use a hard cut or a short Slug and implement the dream of design. By dream logic, surreal images or distorted sounds.
Memories probably show up before everyone's mind as short fragments, picture Blitzer, inserts the cut, while reminding the person frowns or get glassy eyes. They are in the best case, the famous flashbacks, which are unfortunately often shoot entire scenes and come with echoing voices. I find ridiculous. Maybe that happens when one is hypnotized, no idea. I for one have never used a relived remembered scene in the whole.

A very good solution would be a double exposure in which runs the scene in a small window (with over edges) over, and in addition to reminding the person. The high art would have to include the "real" environment in the stream-of-consciousness - Film. The Art Of The hero is the cognac bottle on the table, the mantle in the dressing room in the background becomes the villain, who once pulled him over the head.
Well, not exactly synonymous subtle, but at least in principle.
Incidentally, the views of my thoughts for best filmic relevance for morphing.


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