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Frage von 00guesswho00:

I have a question as to "Dropped Frames". I have today a 20-second clip recorded, and according MAGIX video deluxe 2007, there were over 300 gedroppte frames. I wanted to know whether this is normal, and if not, what can I do.

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Antwort von Markus:

300 dropped frames, even in 1 hours capturing not normal. The objective would be a smooth s.dieser body 0.

Usual causes of dropped frames: The virus scanner is running, the hard drive is highly fragmented and / or very full, ... Question: stop everything that impedes the flow of data, because the camcorder does not wait for the PC, if this s.irgend a site is too slow.

Edit: I have just viewed your screenshot. The source is a USB device registered? Do you use some of these inefficient Videograbber that only compression formats can store, but compressing the main processor of the PC outsource? If the PC in this case is not fast enough can calculate, it logically dropped frames.


Antwort von gimp:

it was in your case, but "only" 62 dropped because the number it means, how much was ever captured. What camera are you using?


Antwort von kkutte:

This problem I had with der2007 version synonymous.Allerdings were all s.Anfang error because the first data of the camera is somehow only a moment later, however, the beginning of s.and flawless (dhder film ever caught on black, I then stop off). With the same camera (HV20), I have this problem with the 2008 version no longer works.


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