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Frage von mtemp:

would need a Windows program that MiniDV tapes of a camcorder via firewire and also automatically transferred to another format with (certain settings, for example, only instead of PAL resolution 640x480 as WMV, etc.) transforms.
The Windows Movie Maker, unfortunately, is preparing to s.and problems. But such a tool that converts while recording when dubbing to other formats (and instead of DV AVI, which is simply too large and its quality is not needed) and this second step will not be triggered separately.

Any Ideas?

Thanks & Regards


Antwort von RickyMartini:

Nutz times a search engine for your concern! ;)


Antwort von video_christian:

If thou want to rework the program synonymous matter (take Pinnacle Studio, is currently I believe verse 12)

This is not to be bad for the MiniDV / entry area.

The simple version is believe at 50 euros or so.

Can you take synonymous version 10 or 11, when the time somewhere to 10pc fürn Rausverkauf there.

Is easy to learn, and perfectly adequate for simple sections.

However, if you want to have many effects with pure, then there already brauchts ne decent machine behind it because Pinnacle always immediately begins to render: (; ...




Antwort von thos-berlin:

I can not imagine that he wants to rework the read-in clip. Then when he wanted, he would never come after study usdieses forum on the idea of an existing DV-AVI before (,!) Of Nachberabeitung want to convert to another format to ...


Antwort von mtemp:

It purely comes to dubbing of the data not as a DV AVI, WMV, etc. but just as in a lower resolution, synonymous lesser frame rate or auto. or "simultaneous" conversion in such a format. The videos should therefore not be reprocessed, but just in a less memory-format (to be converted, especially as synonymous for the 40 shots per 60 minutes simply not enough resources are available ;-)
These videos will be examined later, while the smaller range of data perfectly.

In principle, yes to the offer under Windows, the Windows Movie Maker. But he is preparing to s.and inexplicably problems. Therefore, the search for an alternative program.

Thanks & Regards


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