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Frage von tommyfuny:

To my beloved fans is finally over! HERE IS THE HORROR-FUN-GRANATE of the year!


zum Bild

All INFO, DOWNLOADS THE FILM and lots of interesting info about the film you find on NOW


Antwort von Valentino:

So since I have this film with the dentists' view I can not really sort of stool travel.
But for some people as a hobby looks quite ok from.

Somehow moves you on the fine line between "trashy" and copy successful persiflage on various films.




Antwort von Chezus:

The same box for under the sink I've synonymous! (seen in the trailer). Since madness!

Small remark: in Germany has pretty much every house a FI switch. You can have with your hairdryer or your toaster go swimming. The only effect will be that the light goes out.

It is with the hair dryer and a tub of already badly worn, it probably synonymous if nothing in the film seriously.



Antwort von tommyfuny:

Joooo these are just scenes from the teaser! The come in the film garnicht before ... So I sat in this case ever rausgeschlichen LOL!

The film comes naturally as synonymous with the Movie Page! Times would like to hear your opinion!
LG tommy


Antwort von AgenZas-bros1:

Do me the movie times and I must admit I've laughed s.einigen bodies - especially s.Ende :-)
He came across pretty trashy, which is certainly synonymous of you expecting. He is not technically perfect, but otherwise very good for an amateur film. For next time: trying a bit more flow in the film to get through it faster cuts, that is in motion and not cut so much break s.Anfang and s.ende a cutter - this is me particularly noticed during the talks - one person says something, then comes a little break and then the other person responds only to, but it gets you going.
Next power so ;-)


Antwort von tommyfuny:

Sooooo love Leutz! The DVD is now available! Geiles also a raffle, we have prepared for you!
Schaut mal vorbei!


Antwort von Hablilli:

I have ... Your / you have graphic potential.
When Acting rotation and you'll have a lot to learn but you sure know themselves together nicely trashy and partially improvises well.

Next to power. Ducks 10 is really good and then the cost of x-fold of Ducks - The Movie ;-)


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