Infoseite // Duration of multiple images with Premiere Pro 2.0

Frage von Herbert1980:


I have probably a very simple problem:

If I import the images have the car a period of 4 seconds. Because I like 200 photos I want to import the duration is not manual change.

Is there ne way, perhaps not the default, the duration of imported images to 4 seconds to change or ne other solution?

About ne quick answer I would be delighted.

Danke schon mal.


Antwort von Klaus_video:

You mean more like 6 seconds.


Antwort von Gast1:

Edit -> Preferences -> General
There, "Standard Time Still" to the desired length: in PAL is equal to 25 frames per one second.


Antwort von Herbert1980:

Thank you !!!!!!


Antwort von ole_mueller:

I have the same problem. I have a stop motion film, and so of course, several hundred images. I am so not every single building must be set, I would like to know whether it is synonymous different.
I have adobe premiere in English and I do not understand what I must adjust where ...

edit -> preferences -> general ... ääähhh udn dann? can someone help me? would be nice thank you!


Antwort von Wiro:

at a Stop Motion, it is usually so that each phase of the same images as the complete picture series imported.
File> Import> 1 Phase image mark> Numbered still activate. Do not know how the name in English. is. It is the very bottom checkbox in the Import menu.

Subsequently, the entire series of pictures as a clip in the Project window.
Gruss Wiro


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