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Frage von FPV86:


Unfortunately I filmed the video a speck of dust.
If the video is 8x10cm large, the dust particle has a diameter of about 0.7 cm.
Of course you can not see the dust grain itself, but only the spot with already-called diameter that is darker than the surroundings.

Is there a way to adjust the spot light conditions?
I have VirtualDub and Ulead Video Studio 11



Antwort von tommyb:

With Avisynth and a Delogo filter (rm_logo script) is expected to go (deblend).


Antwort von FPV86:

Thank you!

I've tried for now DeLogo 1.3.2 VirtualDub.
It works but as the image interference by the dust particle is so small, is more broken than saved.
The dust particle is actually only if they moved the Picture, as it is just static.
Furthermore, we see no more disturbance in a dark background, as raussuchen I had all the frames so that the filter does not edit these.

So everything's OK, I was only too fussy .....


Antwort von nicecam:

LogoAway is not much easier to use? With MAGIX VDL can even embed this filter directly.

Here's a link:


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