Infoseite // EMERGENCY: Canon 5D MkII does not read CF cards more !!!!!!!!!

Frage von PeterSwiss:


I borrowed a friend of a Transcend 32GB 400x card. He had used the card without problems in its 7D.

My 5D MkII has the first card is not accepted or recognized (no card) and when I wanted to use one of my "old" 4GB cards, did the same. The camera detects no more cards!

Has anyone heard of something like ... a solution to the problem?

Thank you.



Antwort von rush:

are you coming for as far as being able to format the card?

if the card is formatted with a 7d and you then plug in a 5d which may have lead to problems - in theory.

format that is always first in the corresponding camera.

or to support the 5d vllt. no such rapid 32gb cards?

neither of the two cameras, therefore, only theoretical considerations:)

is the map for s.pc / mac read?

I read in the last time but more often of problems with Transcend cards .. of read / write errors to total failure bishin.
allerings been more in the area ... sdhc cards .


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