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Frage von Fr1nk:

Hello friends of the night,

Deadline yesterday, far too many assets to this program. A very serious problem with the subtitles ...

I have a total of 15 subtitle tracks in the film. This work so far that I can switchen during the film between them. Now there is a sub-menu, synonymous for the choice of languages ... for example, users click on Korean, the player will remember it later and if you click on "Play Movie", then the subtitle of which is ...

I have so resolved: Right-click button, set shortcut, "subtitle track X".

On TV and in PowerDVD and Windows Media Player does not, however, in VLC.

Is there a way to link the subtitles so that the player will notice this? Does anyone know where the problem lies? DVD standards, etc? Or is it with Encore principle not possible to realize such a thing?

The program shits synonymous always grinding, but that's Encore-like typical ...:(;

Am very grateful of any input,
best regards,


Antwort von silentzero:

The problem is s.VLC player. The same is synonymous with all my South Park DVDs. Since you have to change directly in the video right-click the Language.


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