Infoseite // EOS 550D or Lumix GH1?

Frage von Pechstein:

Hi Everyone,

after long deliberation I have decided to buy a new camera. Since my video function as an editor is very important, I have two models in the narrower Choice:
Canon EOS 550D Panasonic Lumix and GH-1.
Have some films from both Cams seen online. Can it be that the Canon works better in lowlight, but this has the weaker auto focus while shooting?
Does anyone have practical experience, perhaps even in the Comparison of the two cameras?

Am very grateful for any advice.



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Quote: Since my video function as an editor is very important ...

After this exhaustive specification, I recommend the purchase of a video camera!


Antwort von Tuffy:

The Canon has no auto focus while shooting.
I think the look of Canon's better to chip more / less Crop.



Antwort von Corpse:

The Auto Focus, if any, can, before use Niche - much too slow!


Antwort von pailes:

With the kit lens can be due to the GH1 OIS itself from the hand to film quite well, synonymous, the autofocus works then relatively well. With manual lenses of other manufacturers (eg Nikon A and consorts, Canon FD, etc.), there are of course neither autofocus nor OIS, but there are adapters for virtually all-existing lens bayonets and you get very cheap s.Lenses.

The swivel display is in Shooting synonymous extremely practical.


Antwort von cutty:

synonymous with the Lumix can use the many old Canon EF Lenses with adapter. Eg a 50mm 1.4 is pretty bright. However, Auto Focus gibts there not synonymous Aperture is to use manual.


Antwort von Pechstein:

Thank you! Things are not so simple. However, tend strongly to GH-1.


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