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Frage von Jujulia:


I hope you can help me ..
I want more clips that I with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II was filmed import into Final Cut 5.0.4, if possible, without loss of quality ...

To convert the H264 format I use MPEG Streamclip.
According to Internet research would be the Apple Pro Res or s.besten XDCAM codec, but I choose not to, (probably the FC version is too low?) Evasive, I used the Apple Intermediate Codec, I have the same set synonymous with the FC settings , and there where the clips in a sequence.

My problem is: If I had one of the clips with the QuickTime player look at the quality is much better than when I watch the same clip in the Viewer / Canvas in Final Cut (where he is bitmaps) in the Viewereinstellungen but I have everything set to hächste quality. ..
What settings should I use MPEG Streamclip to cut and which fits in Final?

And coordinate sequence and clip settings do not match, or why do I render the encoded clips if I give in the sequence?

Hope you can help me
Thanks in advance!
Greetings dear,


Antwort von Jott:

Your Final Cut Pro is really very old (about 2004). For HD there just go to the Intermediate Codec and DVCPro HD. Both, however, then well, even without rendering, if the sequence is correct.

For conversion take s.besten MPEG Streamclip, which is correct. set correctly because nothing must be pixelated.


Antwort von Jujulia:

hello and thank you first,
I currently has no other choice than to cut with fc5 ...
DVC Pro HD, I've already read>
However, I can I not synonymous DVC Pro> HD <select
DV only (C) Pro (50) - PAL / NTSC ...

I do not, however, then the aspect ratio in the I
to enter sequence settings, where I could even set HD,
but that brings me nothing if I can not synonymous enter the MPEG Streamclip export ...
That is when I pull the clip in the sequence and he demands to be rendered, the settings are not the same?


Antwort von Jott:

Why PAL? We talk of HD 1920x1080. Nothing else in Streamclip to choose only one of these codecs do so. Otherwise, you get just can not miss, you once incorporated into the Final Cut Pro basics. You do not render, if you set everything correctly.

DVCPro HD to Final Cut Pro since version 4.5 - if it is missing in your installtion, take hold of the Intermediate Codec.


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