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EX-1 und SxS Adapter

EX-1 and SxS Adapters

Frage von Piers:
Juli 2009

We soon plan to purchase a SonyEX-1 and was once here, the EX-1 user for help.

Since the SxS cards are quite expensive, but we need a lot of turning capacity, I wonder how reliable the various SxS adapter to work.

Overkranking we do not need, or it is bought an additional 32GB SxS.

I am talking only about the reliability of the SxS adapter. How are there with your experience data loss or Überspielprobs?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Antwort von Chezus:

Here in the forum you will find a few solutions.

I ordered my EX last week at the intersection of 5750 euros including 32GB (; and 8GB card).

When you buy by the end of July, the 32GB card gets her moment of Sony200, - Euro Cash Back

Did I already sent;)

Only in this way as a tip

Antwort von High_Tension:

You could instead try synonymous hereby:
P-HU 60
If we use a few months and never had problems with it .... unlike the SXS adapters: (;

Antwort von Piers:

The PHU-60K is for us rather not question, because we will shoot without tripod and much more are in motion.

But I Höhr out of there, that you had Probs with the SxS adapters?
If so, what then?


Antwort von High_Tension:

I turn 80% without Tripod (, although an EX3) and with the PHU have either front or rear (on the hot shoe, depending on whether I use a Head Light). This works better than good.

And yes, we had problems with the SxS adapters. Where it was probably less of the adapter (rather than the memory, 16GB SanDisk Ultra II) has refused to record after 3 times to give the data to restore. Fortunately, that was a repeatable rotation. But I would not think that happens when I sowas mal Stein Meier and Merkel times kissing catch the common forest picnic;)
We are rehearsing again soon ner with another card, but to me this incident made the sense of security and belonging, I would rather stay with the PHU or standard cards.

Antwort von Chezus:

I am of the opinion that you should not really save for something.
If my data would be passed at the last rotational hops with the 32GB card, I'd me of the loose money to buy another.

The rotation would not have been repeated and has been (and, as they not help the situation) allowed more or less pulled through in one go.

Clearly these a heike cost money, but they are very reliable and almost indestructible.

You can save me out of Batteries in, but in storage medium, I am extremely careful.

Antwort von Piers:

Sure security is my raw material s.erster place, so I'm asking for experiences with the various adapters.
I come from a time when they were still "properly cut" on a 3-space and equipment from DVE ner tapes down to a master tape ;-)

So I took operationally working with the SonyZ7 recorded very pleasant: in parallel to tape AND SD card. Since then they had the fast, tapeless workflow, and security and for the traditional tape archives.

I wonder just when I find some relevant not really negative about the SxS found adapter, whether now a "security risk" or not. For me as an ex-Tape tapeless Juggler mean this whole thing but mainly uneasy, as joy accelerated through a workflow. As far as I understand it, are in the SxS cards yes, in principle, synonymous only SDHC's installed.
And if times really strike a card, it is the customer probably no preference whether ne SxS or even a MxM adapter (; failure for example) the service.
And if no one here in the forum from experience not from the gut, can categorically say that we should let the fingers of the adapters, since it represents a security risk, so why not save the money?

Antwort von High_Tension:

"Piers" wrote:

And if no one here in the forum from experience not from the gut, can categorically say that we should let the fingers of the adapters, since it represents a security risk, so why not save the money?

As already written I would say from "experience" that the adapter solution is safe ... and yes, I already sufficient as a failure, at absolutely no important shoot more with making the adapter solution.
And if you like this recording medium as Tapejunkie "already concerned about, be glad you only to the filing ... it's more than strange to delete the original recording of a map and know that you just tape no longer with the raw material has .
If you want because you nen tip I can highly recommend the Drobo. Simple times after googling ... wow look too lazy to make it your own.


Antwort von Chezus:


I always look for 5x whether the data of the card now on the Macbook AND the external hard drive is.
Then my workflow looks like this:

Of data ext. hard drive to Drobo (; secure storage media) and of that is captured from (;) thus being logged

If everything is aufm Drobo is the ext. Plate again emptied.
Werd (me, if they collect more data and liquid again, I'm buying) for possibly the final filing DroboPro or save another RAID system or data in parallel to 2 SATA disks

Antwort von Piers:

Thanks for your tips.

But the Worklflow with capture / logging and archiving, which we have already established. We are working even longer synonymous with the Z7.

Since it is of the card to a safe, a G-Drive. If you equip it with 250GB HDD's we can to secure his wonderful project and then to the Project (the hard disks, each 50 euro) pack beautifully to the archive.
Sliced then of a small Sonnet Fusion RAID, or mobile, from Sonnet Fusion F2.

A RAID system as the small Drobo, which seems indeed to have only FW800, would probably be a bottleneck in performance, right?
And that is DroboPro but as an "archive" solution too expensive.
Still interesting to listen to systems in terms of data security, to date, I did not know.


Antwort von Chezus:

Bottleneck only if you pull the raw material directly from the Drobo. I'm on the Drobo hours s.Footage (; Time Lapse, animation templates, Miscellaneous "standard views") and the number of folders from which I BPAV log.

The "active" Footage of the internal disk anyway goes away my Macs, because the access is much faster.

As a permanent archive solution, I'd not use the Drobo now, but my footage is beyond my present 2.8 TB already, so I'll buy one sooner or later I think DroboPro

Is just super easy to handle.
Broken record? Broken plate out, new drive in, Rödeln Drobo can save in between, and next on it

Antwort von frm:

Ih have been working for some time with a memory card adapter with 16 Gb SDHC card and have never had any problems with it.
ICh synonymous'm cautiously to the customer usually can not turn continues.
I've tested it and had no losses.

I bought the tickets at
digital section. de

Antwort von Piers:

@ Chezus

I understand correctly that you can connect easily via the DoboPro Gigabit Network s.den Mac?

Antwort von TiMovie:

I work with my EX3 with the Kensington adapter and 6 Transcend 16GB SDHC cards!
These cards work very reliable!
But unfortunately I was once synonymous an "almost" total failure, but this was synonymous my own fault because there was a problem with the formatting that has locked up after 70% and I change to record after several slots of the same card but then could.
Duch, the incorrect format, I was able to save the data only through a recovery tool!
It is a very cheap and good alternative and I think that this formatting problem may possibly synonymous with my SxS!
I have recorded to date, approximately 40h to SDHC cards and (; except that once overrun incorrect formatting) never had any problems with the cards!

Antwort von Piers:

Thx for your hints and tips.

Since I will probably nothing else left, as a test and once again into the church to go ;-)

Failures, it seems yes, then probably give with two map sets.


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


It is always a matter of importance. Can I repeat the rotation, I can work with adapters and cheap tickets. Can not I would be an original map makes sense. More synonymous here:

We worked with our tutorials each with a Sony card and everything went without problems. I would have to reluctantly shoot synonymous wg. Want to repeat data loss.



Antwort von Piers:

... there is always a matter of importance. Can I repeat the rotation, I can work with adapters and cheap tickets. Can not I would be an original map makes sense.


Of course I want if I ne me EX-rausholen bar 1 which is optimal. And clear, of course, synonymous, that I will have s.Sicherheit a maximum.
This should be for any professional to be beyond question.

But my question was, how reliable they are working adapter.
For my client it's pretty no preference when it comes to data loss, which card (n) there were in the game. I hardly believe that I can reassure my customers when I say:

"Hörma ', there's nothing to make that were originally SxS cards.
"Achso, well then. If the adapter, the things have been, I would tear off your head. But, oh well. Shit happens."

And just because the original Sony SxS are sauteuer AND, it must indeed not just hot, the rest is just junk.

Ps feel for this card rigmarole anyway somehow totally uncomfortable. But for reasons of security, not the cost!

Antwort von deti:

Reliable are SD cards in a PMW-EX * the extent to which SD cards are very reliable. They correspond to in terms of mechanical robustness and security is not the standard of SXS cards. That means you can work with it, but you should spot a backup option, such as providing for a notebook, to secure an early stage the data. In this way, I think speaks for nothing against the popular SXS alternative.


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