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Frage von Lachmal:

Hallo erstmal,

I would like to thank you in advance for the Super Forum.
I've been using since 3-4 months at regular intervals, the thread around my sometimes simple fix mistakes, too.

Now to the actual concerns:

Is it possible to include with the camera without a storage media to stick?
I bought the camera used, and unfortunately, the dealer forgot reinzupacken ordered my SXS card (or memory) with. Well, I thought to myself that I can - as with my old vx 1000 - the recording directly to carry my laptop. But unfortunately it does not want that. While this makes the laptop "palim" if the ilink cable s.der camera is connected, but that was it.
The camera was configured according to the manual ilink operation, please do not laugh, I wanted to test with Windows Movie Maker-win-xp - create a file. This has not just gefunzt.

So the question:

Can we take with the camera without a memory to an external source?


Antwort von Jott:

From the Firewire port can only manage what happens when you put on the 25Mbit mode (1440x1080/50i). This then corresponds to HDV. Whether the bears live - no idea.


Antwort von Lachmal:

Now I tried with other software (studio 11, pinnancle) now it works.
The settings were already correct, it was just the software ...
Thank you.


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