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Frage von Lunatic:
Juni 2008

Hi people, I have with the support of the city of Wuppertal, Wuppertal Medienporjekt ie, a small dirty gangster film rotated. He ran yesterday in the context of a short film screening in Cinemaxx and the audience was generally very well received. This is my first really expensive movie in this direction and I hope you like it too. For many quirks, I am aware but I am of course open to any criticism;)

/ / LINK WAS REMOVED BY ME EVEN SINCE APPARENTLY ONE RULE infringement, I apologize for the impositions

Thank you

Antwort von FabeX:

So the fight scenes are quite well done .. only ...

For what, except the fight scenes, this film still exists?
So overall I have become quite boring .. 7min. Fight scenes are too much!

A little action would not have been bad. Fight scenes are so general in my opinion, has something of trite, which may see more None.

Somehow there is one more excitement inside.


Antwort von Lunatic:

You've basically right when you say that the film conveys, as the battle. The criticism I have been repeatedly begegnet.Die thing is this, I did not want to wirlich a story erzählen.Mit this film I wanted to just where I am so with the craft. I have the film in two days off and just wanted to see if I, if I want, can be brutal. This is so for more s.and an excerpt from a film than a coherent Streifen.Da I give you right but as I said, I did not send a message across. One may condemn me for this but I thought I would let a little out of the sow: D hats throughout the audience liked it, it ran as good as that only films that have a slightly wollten.Da say it was quite good that people off times.

Thanks in any case for your opinion, have sympathy for your view of things.

The next film is actually a clear topic and Characktere possess with emotional depth. They treat me and the topic of right-wing death. Hopefully I can synonymous with the project on support from Wuppertal hope;)

Thank you

Antwort von FabeX:

So if your goal was, you do it very well rübergebracht.

If you look at the whole even with a little more driving music and accompanied one or other impact, etc. with a little more power makes wärs even cooler.

I must say for me are very interesting scenes in the camp 3 "Bourne" Shooting .. one or the other is extremely blurred EWAS but they bring to every case over tense ..


Antwort von DWUA:

@ Lunatic

More importantly, when you make allegations regarding poor
Recording technique, appears to us to note s.dich, times the
§ 131, in the StGB's discussion.


Of white "our house lawyer" determined more.
It is only and solely to see your here
published contribution.

Whether this with the "city of Wuppertal"
it would agree, as a "supporter", is another question.


This time as prudish moral

Antwort von PowerMac:

Content poor. Who wants a movie about violence seen? Then there is no real drama. These stolen soundtrack, bad actors, dialogues, the sort of flat, a regular camera and poor editing. Approximately when the car initially arrives, you show it from different perspectives, unnecessary and anti-aesthetic. Then the cut in the action scenes ... watch a few movies at right, then you cut. S.sich But why promote the city of Wuppertal Nonsense films, the violence itself and s.sich than content? Violence is not the issue, violence is the means to enforce violence in the world of your protagonists.

Antwort von Lunatic:

Do not misunderstand me, I wanted to represent a deterrent force.
It is not intended to mimic, to god willen.ich wanted the dirty work of gangsters describe, for the killing of people by no means a problem. The protagonist should be killed, survived and is on the way to even more miserable than people to bringen.ein more or less never ending circle.

if there is a emssage, then it is diese.gewaltverherrlichung was never my goal. ;)

which allowed her not misunderstand

Antwort von Lunatic:

I legally wrong because what egmacht did, that was not my klar.falls so, then of course I ask about the contribution from the forum entfernen.ich wanted to do it myself, but I have the possibility to edit a defined contribution not find can.

Antwort von ef.multimedia:

Could you please link the post back? I would the film is synonymous like to see.

Antwort von Lunatic:

I can give you the link by mail, but here I only post it once again reluctantly;)

Antwort von ef.multimedia:

Thank you is not needed. "Google."
But what s.dem film to be brutal, I do not understand. When the gangster's victims as these wooden pole rammed through the eye and you would have in a Naheinstellung had seen, then it would be Brutal and s.16.

Antwort von Lunatic:

@ elf.multimedia:

some are apparently more sensitive;) the suggestion of a fact well enough from

Antwort von Axel:

"Lunatic" wrote:
... some are apparently more sensitive;) the suggestion of a fact well enough from

Whether intimation or not, it certainly surprised some of what you s.der staging of violence so fascinated that you have the contents of a single mehrminütigen filmmaker. An answer of you would be interested in me synonymous. Or do you want it to stand for what I am now in breach of political correctness taboos times provocatively asserts (and really only serves the provocation, it does not represent my conviction):

Does this interest s.Gewalt a cultural background (Turkish name of the actor)? If so, you bring his ideals to the point? Identifizierst you even mean by that?

My own interpretation of a few earlier posts I have read. You hit yourself intelligently, but not your movie. You say that you condemn violence, your movie of another seem to be made. Any charm or anger seems to be stronger than your attitude.

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

is hardly one times two days prevented already missed something ;-) Why violence? Here ran Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers" relatively mildly reduced, and even from "SAW" has reportedly not cut too much.
I once linked to the short film not seen, but the two aforementioned works of art, you can probably just as a hobby filmmakers not beat :-)

Antwort von Lunatic:

@ Axel:

I find your post fascinating, you seem a very intelligent person to score in some sein.Und lying you absolutely correct.

I can not explain violence, but exerts a fascination on me. Not in the sense that I practice it myself. I do not know you know the movie Irreversible? The almost 10-minute rape scene in which Monic Belluci painfully mistreated? The film was of critics zerrisen as perverse and shown at Cannes ausgebuht.

I do not want to say that my film is like this film. That would be unfair to Irreversible times a gripping story and also includes a cruel portrait of the society. But still, one wonders why the director felt compelled to which such a scene (by far not the only one, the fight with the fire extinguisher is also hard s.der threshold). Nevertheless, many of the film Now for a pearl.

One can not understand violence, if one is reasonable. You can try but ultimately it is not möglich.Man can find out the motives. Perhaps this is what makes me such films lässt.Alle movies, which I have since been rotated with the question Tod.Dabei love life and I am the opposite of an embittered Menschen.Ich would describe myself as educated, but I still need synonymous Valves . Every man is an individual with his aggression in order. The EXIT my film is not perfect, as I am aware. For many, he has too little substance, I can verstehen.Es can not everyone think like me. Enig say he was unprofessionell.Das is the only criticism that I can not understand. I find that I have crafted a great step n the right direction had made.

I would never filming this movie bereuen.Was I did, however, is the following:

I want the connection to violence, anger and feelings of revenge as a foreign show. The protagonist of the film is nächsen emotions zeigen.Anfangs are reluctant to face the evil feelings missions, but after and that he will give up these dark feelings mastered him and he begins to make mistakes. Each of us has this evil in itself, only the circumstances determine to what extent they come to light. Exit active in this respect to be empty, that's true. But it is more of an attempt been.

I hope I could somehow make it clear to you what thoughts in my brain turns en place;)

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Lunatic

"This film is for viewers under 18 years are not appropriate",
it was before the repetition of the Big Brother --
Distributor RTL2 broadcast tonight Films
"U-Turn - No way back" (Wh s.22.6.).
Axel's clever signature confirms halt again.

Now, one might Oliver Stone's "U-Turn" (Jean Penn, Nick Nolte,
Jennifer Lopez) for "so brutally funny as" keep him as "a
Trash-apocalyptic comedy "described him as" Thrillergroteske "
classify; --
one has the impression that Oliver Stone's brain coils are not far
off of the user names.

But: you have acting in addition to the benefits,
the staging, etc. - but especially the "message",
(s.Ende understandable), can appreciate.


Brutal violence representation as a means to an end?
Under certain circumstances.
For the purpose of satisfying a (published) Triebes?

Meister Goethe has expressed synonymous times:
"There is not a crime which I thought had not occurred" ..

But he has published, never.

Antwort von Axel:

"DWUA" wrote:
Meister Goethe has expressed synonymous times:
"There is not a crime which I thought had not occurred" ..

Perhaps I am mistaken, if I consider to be normal, but violence fantasies "happen" to me synonymous. If I have a bad day and someone had the nerve to go, it happens that I have him as a painful Flummi between ceiling and floor and hertitschen see. He continues, s.meinen nerve to pull, it's even more destructive. The healthy response would often You take care of your own shit, appropriately aggressive, can diffuse any anger quickly ebbing.

Violence fascinates probably many. Like sex. Both can be presented so that this fascination is simply spurred next. When sex is called the pornography. Whether or reject the one hand picks up, the fact is that the direct translation of an imagination to picture medium intellectually thin board and is not entitled to collect any communicative value may be.

Film shows a man, the fantasies consume, on the other hand, can do very deep under the skin.

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Axel

It is not about Dünnbrett drills or intellectual property rights,
but the "power" de (r) 's picture (s) s.
And for what they say (might (t) s).
With and without a sense of context.
What "is very deep under the skin can go" ...
is general (r) consensus / interpretation and individual (s)
Perception of readiness (-property).
X-any different.


Would be nice if you have your last sentence:
"Shows a movie man, the fantasies consume
however, the very deep under the skin ", further
would interpret / wanted.


Common screening for all interested users
above the strip:
"U-Turn" on RTL2.
Since we would be the most diverse reactions / Beurteilungungen times very curious!

This (almost) "only" for Lunatic.


Antwort von Axel:

"DWUA" wrote:
It is not about Dünnbrett drills or intellectual property rights,
but the "power" de (r) 's picture (s) s.
And for what they say (might (t) s).
With and without a sense of context.
What "is very deep under the skin can go" ...
is general (r) consensus / interpretation and individual (s)
Perception of readiness (-property).
X-any different.

We have found that Lunatic of strange thoughts will infest the fascination of violence is an autonomous complex, the images of violence have no power, they are the icon, emblem of this independent, external power (like Brad Pitt, the third incarnation of this Page Edward Norton is, incidentally, a colleague - "Who wants to do something already?"). Lunatic shot his film is not for private ritualization of his fascination, he released it. Thus he probably hoped to hear, the more "readiness exercise" show. He would have probably shocked the other hand, if he could observe viewers that this willingness very flat and without any Ambilvalenz revealed: "Geil! Hau his skull YOU!"
"DWUA" wrote:
Would be nice if you have your last sentence:
"Shows a movie man, the fantasies consume
however, the very deep under the skin ", further
would interpret / wanted.
Is s.besten but when you witness the unfolding of the plot at the end of the film / the timeline for increasing the main character mitfiebert, synonymous if the times for a change, not against a baddie, but struggles against its own weaknesses. It is best if questions remain open, like in Fight Club. The issue of violence can not be exhaustively dealt with and may have not only negative aspects.

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Axel

Your last paragraph is reason enough to join the ambivalence between
Fiction and reality suspend delivery if a director
skillfully with intriguer / primitive working tools.
A "pleasure factor" of the plan "Good / Evil" is in our film sample
(above: "U-Turn") to the last setting denied, even
ever deliberately to s.die borders exhausted.
If a director succeeds in building up a voltage,
viewers look at the Page or the other to consider is
the sometimes not too bad.

Now there is the crossover point s.der violence representation, "
on a completely different track may lead.
And there's derailment, which even the very popular notion of
"Artistic freedom" extraordinary strain.

When one runs out of facts, it is commendable that
"Lunatic" his contribution back has taken. "Hats off!"
But this (extrinsic motivation = mild violence) is a
Forum such as this as synonymous.
Perhaps it is still the "intrinsic".
What the important aspect.
He has announced.

One is in any case quite clear:
Since we Lunatec not personally met,
it is very far away, using a clip to draw inferences
on his personality structure, even if he thinks
this "outing" them.

We wish you much success in the next shoot!


Antwort von Lunatic:

People you have not really talk as if I were not here.

I know the movie U-urn icht but these are my heart to lead.
Of course it is very interesting that some people here really come out to the devil trying to mental disturbance in me to even try desperately no reason for this kind of film vopn to find. When I shot this film, I did it with carelessness, I'm not worried, no second darüebr thought about whether I should leave out a little better, but just after the stomach feeling rotated.

I do not understand fully, is your opinion, anyone who praises me for my a perverse? A disturbed? If so, then I have in my environment anscheiennd with more crazy things to do than I initially believed.

Many sidn come to me and have said the toll is made but partly really brutal. I have Versändnis.
Others came to me and told me with that se the movie really was.
He has maintained that they had found it exciting and well done. What is with these people, among whom it also provides that the potential for violence with them around?

I do not know why it is so difficult for some of a film only to be seen as such. Is it because you yourself in your life just not with violence wurdet? Never before had a fight or something derbe have seen? Not that this is a must but I think in my life makes a lot of and if you (yes I know not ye wei old) still reacted so shocked at such a film, then it just belongs to the people who do not journeys können.erstens the fact that he is brutally nunmal and secondly, the fact that he (depending on your perspective) nothing else offers.

This kind of reaction I expected nict and so naturally the film vorischthalber rausgenommen.

I sat at home and thought to myself, now you once again turn into a movie. The best one, whose rotation is fun, but s.dessen END nevertheless creates a serious movie. Three days later it had finished and I upload, because I think the film is very well become quallitativ and ZACK. Probably my fault because I did not even think about that people are different and not worth the ejder find what I represent.

Continuous states

"A sensible film should it be"
"Open questions s.Ende are super"
"A particular issue must be dealt with"
"A coherent / surprising plot is indispensable"

I simply had no desire to address these demands and has arisen from this movie that many do not seem to shake of the head elicits more than because she was sick the work of a disturbed young man who has of the society was mistreated.

A pity for you that I am not this man bin.So beat your attempts to interpret, where it is unnecessary, irrelevant.

Antwort von Axel:

No, a psychological disorder among you, I really do not. That would go too far. As you correctly say, we know you do not personally. And the film is just a movie, not a maker of the self. All I would like to clarify. Hopefully you can of a few crass comments formulated not be discouraged, next films. It should surprise you at least not, finally, is in some respects synonymous become glaring film.
You have provoked reactions, with which you had not expected. Happens sometimes when something is not veröffentlicht.Das tragic pull you do not stop at the shoe.
Okay for you?

Antwort von PowerMac:

It is synonymous not that we have a toll-made film like Fight Club with a questionable Subjet criticize. Your film is not only the issue of intent and questionable, but the style of synonymous scheisse. Should you not be discouraged synonymous. But the debate here I do not understand. The film is not worth it.

Antwort von x-ray:

Do not let heruntermachen of Powermac. I do not know a film worth seeing of him, he knows only by his unqualified and non-expert commentaries attention.
Since it is probably someone to head that he had as an intern times a lamp could hold ....

Antwort von PowerMac:

Again, I understand one. Yes, actually I'm just lighting assistant, earning no money and have no idea.
Scheiss And no matter how much sense or not, I may very well be a comment about this film competence. Find it yourself, either because of bias and I'm standing outside (Trainee), or because I am a professional (director) bin.

Antwort von Lunatic:

@ powermac:

Your very humble comment on the style of my film suggests that you probably ach in amateur hochquallitative Blockbuster expect. Well I put in the beginner woltle synonymous shoes and do not say that my film in some ways perfect, but stamped him as SHIT I think the simplest way to express modest criticism ....

@ XRay:
Thanks, I had sometimes the feeling that I'm the only one, dr here the whole thing is not so wildly considered.

@ axel:

Sun is the perfect way for me, okay;)

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Lunatic

If it is so easy, your "ok" to get, then
Of course, we prefer our messages back and say
the opposite.
Your defense long speeches but nothing change s.deinem
Since ko is an already gone next opponent is not only
indirectly, in sharp images mistreated - it must be synonymous
the sledge hammer knatschig rausgezogen be ...
With a stupid grin on your face.
All of this WITHOUT storyline.

This is Splatter or dore on the bottom level.
Powermac has right when he says that the film deserves
no such discussion, but if you have something in a movie forum
publish, you have to be synonymous reckon that there are
different opinions exist as to:
"Shit Fresst, billions of flies can not be wrong" ...


This time as a sledge hammer in the brain's ...

Antwort von Lunatic:


You say this film deserves no discussion, and as such, have to not synonymous vast gebeten.Das your thoughts about this movie is bad, you can clearly make acuh life without a complete analysis and the experiment without a gram of a sociogram to me.

I need not defend my work, I need nothing to justify. Because I do not believe that this film is, but what you do darstellt.Als bottom drawer, etc. Otherwise I would have him probably not rotated. I wanted to deliver an entertaining 10 minutes, but the local audience is too sophisticated anscheiend. I'm sorry that I have because it was reasonably free level. I hope so, the discussion ended. This is synonymous to the reason why I did the movie rausgenommen. Certainly not because I suddenly the movie was really rude, but simply because it is disturbing to some. But that was not my intention.

Antwort von DWUA:

Yes, because what was your intention? In the film?
That's it!

Antwort von Axel:

"Lunatic" wrote:
... because it is disturbing to some. But that was not my intention.
"DWUA" wrote:
Yes, because what was your intention? In the film?
That's it!

That was not Lunatics intention, that was the other. The Shadow Knows ...

Antwort von DWUA:

... and we do now with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a
"Lively Dreier.

Good night!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Lunatic" wrote:
....., I need nothing to justify. As a bottom drawer ...... etc. ........ I wanted to deliver an entertaining 10 minutes ......... I'm sorry ....... I hope so, the discussion ended synonymous .**** This is the reason why I did the movie rausgenommen. .........., but simply because it is disturbing to some effect .*** But that was not my intention.

Gude Lunatic

So now I have the whole day I said nothing. Or always after what I had typed - I s get deleted again.
Because I was part unobjective and in this Bad / Good Behavior slipping.

So now eordnet times.


You need you to apologize for Nix - had the beginning of the s.gesagt it comes to pure violence with no plot / story was just something else - that you will not be John Woo film may be expected, it should probably be clear.

Bottom Drawer - na da go hard but that the film would have been if it were really not everything would have worked. Also synonymous you had said here that "You wanted to look how far you're Hand" - As state and nix of Novel Animatics and Colt Sievers Action.

Sorry but Entertaining .... hmm, I found the beginning with "the young" on the couch ;-) Of Fun ... so far away .... maybe in Kontex as a whole, then yes this is so entertaining ... it is just as violent with fader introductory presentation and dismal end to sehn.

What do you like suffering - now biste tions "girls"? -)

Like what you discussed here, actually has my Powermac Meihnung here immediately after the short initial flush in his own way what I said "unteranderm" lies.

Loool clearly the only reason why hast taken out, ne clear ;-)
You have to because you rausgenommen HERE to Copyright Songs attention

What is my aim at Meihnung chen projects can save - I use my then, we might as well all the Youtube clips rausnehmen - NEN such nonsense ... nem of what the film's Mukke that you recognize the need? If the film is about commercial use?

Do you, then come synonymous like sayings of whiners who would not otherwise have found another point of criticism ;-(

Disturbing activity was not your intention ..... Ne Ne Ne, I think you do you now truly the "girl"

So no preference how to "force" will show, but you should always ultimately disturbing effect - someone with the things he does not confront the increasingly sees itself not as Figuratively could imagine.

Na which will have done but the jury is determined by the umpteenth SommernachtTraum movie "An egg slipped out of the trousers as they had to look your stripes.

Enough already - but has shocked - but see s.dem thread.


So now my personal time points
The times that the trade union position and what you could improve on.

Because s.so stuff was not much to Dato said.


Driveway courtyard setting - as mentioned above is too long and too often simply geschnibelt.
Car s.biegt On - car camera moves on to - inner space / Finish

Weapons - I would always use different weapons for the character to "underline" Sledge Hammer vs. see. James Bond vs. Rambo.

Gangsters, the weapon is no longer "durchziehn" which is certainly already ready - especially not have to make 2 times ;-)

Battle scenes .... so either is ready Stuntman synonymous hoe or just to get the camera must be so good that it almost looks real - which is synonymous always really mean - the Deppchen on Youtube that are in parks or on the street etc. Kloppe looks ever more likely to "air rowing from.

You have some good here, but the cut is used to you with the means available (actor / Camera / Schnittprogi)
The Effect of a "Schlägerrei" display.

Film blood / wounds - must be practiced and fell vorallem times right violations such as the Red Cross kucken go, there you can create the synonymous times of artificial Wu

Antwort von PowerMac:

It is not disturbing, it's just bad.

I explain it to you even a little:
There is no drama. Ever attended a few seminars or read books on dramaturgy? Nothing in the formal stage for a film drama could stand, there is yours. That means synonymous, that the film is not suspenseful. Neither, I hope for a Prota or antagonists, yet I fear something. I identify not synonymous with a character. Maybe because all the characters equally unmotivated act and not of goals, motives and characteristics (modern:: need, want, etc.). The plot is almost nonexistent. Types drive somewhere and want to kill. That is not worth mentioning. Then there is a completely unmotivated struggle. The actors look like amateurs who try to play well and just a desperately poor and play. The Gekämpfe acts helpless and almost amateurish. Check it out! With unbiased views. They play terrible. And your leadership is acting as a director, partner! The images look just out, as if someone with poor sense of a bad picture taken camera and shot each scene once. Inspired was the cameraman to a maximum of hip-hop music videos (car scenes, etc.). Light? I recognize no light. The pictures do not have a nice atmosphere, there is no atmosphere and the whole aesthetic is now not at all. I think the effect is less a desk, rather than have objectively ascertainable. The cut is all sow. Approximately when the car arrives. Awful! You can not repeatedly between so similar attitudes and values towards herschneiden. It prohibits any cutting theory, any rough aesthetic sensibility. Graust me when I see it. The cuts would otherwise go mostly. You cut from similar settings. You have to be ran or rausspringen, but can never be between a Halbtotalen into another Halbtotale. Cuts should be motivated to bring new information, something show. Your cuts happen all too often an end in itself. Subjet For there is nothing to say. Can you discuss over it. Suppose you have a brutal masterpiece made: a short film, bluttriefend and violent, the one really mitreisst. Then we could now talk about your cinematic intention. You just wanted to show violence, uncommented? Did you want the aesthetics of violence to portray? Rouse you wanted? A parable? But as bad as your movie is discredited himself and any related discussion about the message or the will of the maker.

You can learn. Analyze other movies, read movie books, studying film and movies do next. But listen to thee continually to justify and defend.

Antwort von Lunatic:

@ B. DeKid:

I like your comment of all listed here s.allerbesten really, because you can not unilaterally absokut've written.

Your Kiritkpunkte treat individual points of the film and give advice on Vebresserung. I find that commendable and I will definitely verscuhen to learn. Thank you;)

A girl I'm really not clear this copyright crap an upset but it was really not the only reason.

@ powermac:

I respect your opinion, I respect the fact that you have this film in ground floor and kick it damn easy for what he apparently is. It makes no sense with you to discuss this but I believe in life not just silent s.den day to bring, just because you tell me I should quit me to justify and defend. That would be too easy. I can understand many of your criticisms do not understand but it is not surprising, because I would have the same view of things, as you did, then the film would not become, as he now is. You hate this film, which is okay.Du must not like him and even I would seriously think about my film, if all you think äwren.Aber lucky to go look and there are enough people doing this film respektiren. Even people who have a good movie taste. The opinions on a movie always include an entire spectrum. You belong to several, the hierit nothing can begin. Then please enjoy s.wesentlich better egmachten Amateurfilmen.Obwohl I doubt that you s.irgendeiner Amateurprduktion'll be really happy. It can of course be synonymous, that we both AMATEUR something else verstehen.Danke

Antwort von PowerMac:

No, there is no question that I have with the story or theme can not begin. Films like "Fight Club" are often damned good. Their subject matter and background fascinates me! It is not about the content, but rather formal. You've crafted and formally worked very badly. We can be happy about the topic of discussing violence, perhaps even on the "history", but not on the bad actors, the camera, equipment, staging and the cutting. They're more than just amateurish. That you should accept.

Antwort von Lunatic:

I will not, because I can say with a quiet conscience that I am from what was available to me and to my knowledge so far the best made. I had only amateur actors, an incredible location and chaotic small group despite continuous time problems. The one or the other cut is not quite okay, I see myself. The exposure is modest, I know, but I had no synonymous or Beleuchtungsaanlage such. The fight is not 100% liquid, synonymous to me is clear, the breaks were necessary to the film in time to be able to rotate properly. 'm Still not so far that I have a 4 minute fight choreography still thrilling staging can. The non-existence of a story at my own expense, but as I said, I find myself not in Gerring bad. I am not a professional, I'm not even a profit in Amateuerbereich, so I do not know what you ahndwerklich as great rwartest.Ich must learn from every film, synonymous in this I will tund and have already partially done. But what you want here ne point deducted for such acts as would you excited about the David Lynch experience ajhrelanger after a movie has fully verbockt, war-you again.

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Lunatic


... "For many quirks, I am aware but I am of course open to any criticism;)" ...

Why do you write something then?
Leave it a go!


Antwort von Lunatic:


Criticism is okay, eg the way it has depicted as DeKid. But for Powermac does it all as bad bodenlsoe make a movie. I hope you remember the difference as synonymous.

Antwort von DWUA:

At best, it only takes the criticism of his true fans.
And the vexing issue of "constructive criticism" was
already imagine breitgetreten long.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Lunatic" wrote:

Criticism is okay, eg the way it has depicted as DeKid. But for Powermac does it all as bad bodenlsoe make a movie. I hope you remember the difference as synonymous.

Thank you for the flowers, but you start again the "girl" posturing on.

I thought we could but now perhaps tips on "how to make some better representation" talk?

I think you need Powermac s read things differently, then you understand the different synonymous. I would like to sometimes synonymous argue about this but I lack the degree of interior Schweinehund "s times when we want to express it.

But you have said several times now, and you remember some of you with sharp "criticism" just to your own kind of deal here .... without the "girls" to mimes.

Is now a good thing what you want None


So now times Substantive points

We are trying now ne clear line here purely to bring and not always the same jammer - action film is probably the king EFX Diszieplin as must look over some things are spoken.

What light do you have to put with, for example, in the hall to work? Had not you a little more with shadows or so can play / have?

With a Camera What did the filmed?

How was the camera in the car chase perspective gewerkstelligt?

The actors wore protective clothing eg for kicks

How did you removed the sound?

Had it not of scaffolding can rotate, in the yard and then as bird perspectives (eg when exiting?)?

How do you have the interior scenes of the cars made? Camera draussen via pole mounted filter through glass? Window open? Camera mounted on the dashboard?


So few times NEN questions because it provides users may give this a result of the "tone" here does not even want to ask.
Because ultimately, it is a short video which is not "only" picture error aufweißt because gabs been worse.

So tell me about what we get here synonymous times wind in the sails, so is fairly lau ....


B. DeKid


Antifa Project to your idea, comb me at the time of the "counter-law Clips"
Maybe you want to read the times yes and sometimes as just "how I describe my idea of" keep

Day - Exterior Scene

We see a ball game and / or kick the boys on a "playground"
There are more children in the background.

The boy is pleased to radiate life.

We see two mothers Entertainment, deepened in the conversation.
We recognize that the "playground" s.einer road lies.

The boy pushes the ball across the square, the cuts will be faster
Street - child mothers - Street Child - Kick - finished rolling ball - the ball bounces on the sidewalk - child behind her - scare mother - the boy jumps on road Frightened but "Freezed" --

Vision behind the ball on a number of roads Height boots with white laces behind ...

We zoom out slightly, we now fully recognize boots front of the floor to about the knees of the boys legs are sideways in the Picture by the zoom up, the ball is centered.

Now Is the middle one of the ordered "pairs of boots" In the squat, we see parts of the shirt and the "Harrigton jacket" with a typical pattern Schott s ** The person Kreift after the ball but the hands are black ***
Pages view - Black "skinhead" stands out on the squat, we see several boys and Black Skin Heads in "Typical clothing"

The camera moves behind the boy, we can see the billboards Free clothing election call --

While the Young Black Ball Stops

"What are you there"

Vision camera to black "skin," holding the ball

"We demand free fashion / clothing rights for all"

Black "skin" stretched the ball is now in the black patches Covers Camera picture from ....

Antwort von Axel:

@ B. DeKid
Not bad. A little bit programmatically, perhaps, is yes but synonymous "Antifa" Spot.

Antwort von Lunatic:

@ B. DeKid:

I have the camera for the time of shooting get hired, it was a
Canon XM2. This was the first time that I have a camera at this level had previously, I have with a 5 year old JVC Camera rotated. I actually wanted my newly acquired Canon HV 20 for rotation en evrwenden, but I have the standard battery and the inside is simply not suitable for shooting Solc. As I said, 2 of the XM I knew nothing in advance, you just gave me the control I have explained and then used it now.

The theme of light is for me a great Problem.Ich had nothing to hand. Although we have here and there times s.and light from geknipst but we were not really helpful at hand. Have heard that they were Filmntaugliche light sources from all together but we can tinker with the rotation are under so much time pressure that we are not as creative konnten.Bleibt of course omit the question whether it would have brought what, if I had light sources because I am not busy and have no experience in the sample issue Lighting voted.

In perspective of the persecutors, we have two cars can drive side by side, the camera car drove the same speed with the Gulf behind, but we had to stop to make sure that the wagon is not in the paint the other was to be seen. Our cameraman was then when the trip so far as it goes out the window and leaned the camera is also as close as possible s.den asphalt held. Thanks Wide Anglebekam me what I should gewünhscg hatte.ursprünglich the vehicle, a black BMW 323i in edellook (no tuning), but by coincidence, we had stupid afu this car back.

On the subject of protective clothing:

We have not really protected, almost any shock or impact s.den body really was. Since we regard the fight scenes are not so knowledgeable, we are not stopping strokes and so can be found here and has since been synonymous with wehgetan.Blutergüße times my colleagues and a chest contusion in my software then dumemrweise results. The problem was just that we each scene several times from different angles and then have rotated several times. At the end of the shots so we were really done. I am aware that there egwesen would be better if we had protected but we thought about until after the shooting after;) Here and there we have cardboard on the ground for a fall abzudämpfen.

The sound was partly with the micro-camera and recorded some with a Sennheiser Micro. I once made the mistake in the call outside on the street, the camera in a wind to put these and Windscreen darüberzuziehen. I assumed that this is not too much would change, but well, how it can deceive. The sound is incredibly dull has become the voice acts as if you had a hand in front of the mouth. Otherwise, it was my erstesmal with a extrernen Microphone. Previously, I hae always integrated with the Micro as a camcorder but I have only noticed with this film as so essential for Sennheiser Micro conversation recordings can be: D

On the proposal with the skeleton is really a good idea, I know enough films in which the location of an elevated position from abgefiltm is to get a feeling for the room to create. Unfortunately, there was spontaneous OSSIBLE not anywhere big draufzuklettern. That should not really sound like EIE justification but we really had not much time. We have begun to turn s.Freitag and s.MOntag had finished the thing, including cutting. The pressure of time has left me no room rumzuexperimentieren what I find really sad in retrospect.

I would like a synonymous sparks more content added, but you can not you imagine how long we have used to this little dialogue in the car up. This is attributed to me, because I experienced not a single actor in my area have found. The three actors next to me have never been involved in a movie. Had too much synonymous been if I had of which requires a longer speech to think, big emotions to show or such. What was I before turning clear. That would have simply not worked and that is why I decided to interpersonal communications in this

Antwort von PowerMac:

Please do not ever try to defend yourself and to explain everything. In addition, "no time" no excuses. Then you just take more time. You have "no light". Do you just borrow light. Preparation time and are all pre-production. Do you generally no time in life, then that's your problem. Each film is a film s.sich to assess. You can not just say that you have just no time and therefore you should not criticize your movie.

Antwort von Lunatic:

@ Powermac:

What is your problem? Is it a MUST that in any forum is always one, the nerves must constantly? I Ahbe above written:

"This really should not sound like a justification, but we really had not much time"

For me, "no time" very probably an argument and your very nice Council then take your time "changes nothing s.der fact that I had not. Mostly this was just not in my hand. The course as a movie film is and the circumstances you are not interested, I can imagine but I dachet that it is perhaps here and there makes a lot there. The movie is not better, I know myself.

I justify nothing with lack of time, what is bad is bad nunmal but I just wanted to show what the situation. TAKE THE TIME, as you say so relaxed, it is not easy if the factors that determine not in your hand.

Take your time


This is not a criticism, that's stupid talk.
You have a kind of disgusting to express your opinion and that is why I go to the incredibly Nerven.Wenn you think your open and ruthless nature is somehow special, then you are mistaken easy. Above all, this is not building but this is not your goal anyway. Your opinion is familiar to me and I would really prefer it if you think this is stupid tour finally sit for würdest.Was you're a guy and what you searched for a setting, I have long understood.


Antwort von PowerMac:

A small quote on it:

"The things you own end up owning you"

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Jupp see, now we look at themes that are interesting.

Time factor

I thought I already see so synonymous ......
Remember - who does his homework well will be completed faster and saves time (AND MONEY).


Yes with about 10, we have three times as synonymous which rotated, because the shock is always with a PFFh daherkamm, as long as we have done to the young synonymous I really getachelt did what with nosebleeds order rum Results howling ..... we then still synonymous Friend's Father Schreck shot gun and out the office safe have pros with ketchup rum geschmierrt have been s.Hand of VHS material proves to be synonymous .... have all 3 get office arrest; -=

Yes the Abstopen of a beat is not easy, cardboard and foam plates under your clothes because you can conditionally help.
Synonymous But here is a "certain" Presentation / Kojographie necessary.
So what can you then synonymous for little money in the next martial arts studio semiskilled get.

Articles and facial expressions

Sure the show must always be practiced, since one can only expect what Laien.Is of the model is not synonymous different - ALTHOUGH (Powermac as already mentioned) as a Directing DU leader here demanding auftretten need.

Camera car ride

HuiHuiHui times when the fair was StVO ;-) But it is otherwise ok gewessen. So the things I've already made synonymous vehicle is coasting, VW bus, hanging with trapeze assured of MTB bikers made ;-)


Generally speaking, men from all light sources, light use, you must stop at spots and color ensured. Also here is a planning and testing is always very good. After its time you have an eye for something.

Can I only what to say because I leave because of me always advise my best friend, who finally earns his bread with it.
But Windfell and good "Sennheiser" Mics are always appropriate.

Increases filming

Always a Lecherbissen my Meihnung after because there are other way of viewing things allows.


Yes they're both gelöufig the cameras are and I think the quality was good synonymous.
** Question? How was the material presented? What Resolutionmusste it have?


All in all - which is ok nöch times will be better ;-)

Everything in detail is always plan in advance of advantage ;-)

B. DeKid

PS: Mention something for WW intent've used it, determines the interested one or another.

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Un times because I was too slow to let you looool of Powermac but not "angry" lol

Thou shalt not take his stuff "Between the lines" to read.
The Powermac is' en s case, so for themselves ;-) But the young knows what he is interested ..... the only conditionally whether you're ge `nervt feel ;-) ... be happy that he Project on the act ....

Can not be so closely sehn .... always remain loose ;-)

NEN is doch nich I Net Forum the road - even on a street, but have to know - you have to stay loose .... but come from 'em pot ;-)

Alla first time + + + un come down,-p

B. DeKid

Antwort von Lunatic:

For the screening in the movie demanded it of us the movie in AVI format, and unkrompimiert as DV PAL. This was the file then after rendering in Vegas is 2.2 GB in size, but maybe.

Regarding the Wide Angleangeht, I can not say much, because that was the only one that had since. I have not respected it but I had much to struggle with a scratch, not just the cover was. For Youtube-Qualli barely visible on screen but it could sometimes be very clearly seen. The problem was just that wri later noticed the scratches and the little camera uf own display so you can see always synonymous only the essentials. Later, when I cut myself in the course, then Ar *** bitten so.

Antwort von Axel:

"Lunatic" wrote:
For the screening in the movie demanded it of us the movie in AVI format, and unkrompimiert as DV PAL.

= AVI container format, says nothing about the codec
DV = compressed

Antwort von Lunatic:

Sry, you're right.

So as I said, is avi file as a template and I have selected PAL DV. That with "uncompressed" was a false statement. Was demanded of me actually an uncompressed version but was ultimately gunlaublich so great that we are failing that, the movie with the DV PAL template are stored.

For the codec, I can say nothing synonymous;) because I do not special at all. Hab in Vegas all the standard left and rendered.

Antwort von PowerMac:

DV is the codec!

Antwort von Lunatic:

Thank you

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