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Frage von madm2001:

Hello dear forum

have a problem. I have a Project FullHD 1920x1080 pixels, and if I want to export it now as MPEG-DVD, then sets me stupid Premiere CS4 always two sides to the picture on the left and right. I can not get away.
I can crop the top picture, but then I have to 1920x1050 or so runterschneiden. That is a very sick format ...

The same problem I have if I have a 5D II, MOV easily into a project with MiniDV Widescreen draw. As soon as I "ADJUST ON THE SCREEN" click, the bar there!

Hab mal expected ...

So if I 1920 runterrechne to 720, then the auto height 405 pixels ... DV PAL widescreen, but now has a ratio of 1.4587 ... which then makes 590 pixels high. But yes, I'm just 576th .. Therefore, the two beams??



Antwort von tommyb:

That's all s.der anamorphic compression, and DV.

720 pixels are stretched to widescreen, this is not 1024, but actually 1049th This is by a factor of 1.4568 (, according to Sony Vegas).

So you need to create a Project which is not just used as a DV preset. Project with an anamorphic 1.4222. Then, the 1920x1080 should be scaled properly synonymous 1024x576.


Antwort von madm2001:

How can I create a ratio of 1.4222 in Premiere and I get to the ne DVD??
CS4 to create only gives me the opportunity 1.4587. That's it! And even if I import my HD Project and adjust the margins to remain ...


Antwort von madm2001:


So PAL can not seem to really show only 720 pixels across 702 or 703rd .. And therefore, the PAR is no longer true. 1.4587 is, therefore, properly ...
1.422222222, and has always been wrong.


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