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Einfachste Methode für Live-Stream Capture

Easiest method for Live Stream Capture

Frage von actiontof:
Juni 2009


I am not in this huge forum via search found it. But what I've read so far shows that there are a lot of professionals on the move. So:

We have built as a wedding gift for a friend a box where you can leave a video message by pressing a button. With common PC-half-knowledge and a handle to the existing hardware box looks the part as follows:

- IBM workstation with P4 3 Ghz and 1.5 GB Ram
- Noname Webcam with 640x480 resolution at 30 fps
- CaptureFlux with. Wmv Recording

About the monitor you always have the live stream before our eyes, and a buzzer-Design Studio can be started. As so often does the whole but only on paper really well. Quite often the stream with Capture namely a cold-start and it will not record video. This error can not really reproduce synonymous and the frequency varies greatly. If the calculator too weak? Can the camera lie s.der cheap? If CaptureFlux the appropriate software? Has anyone experience with such a structure? About Tips and suggestions I would be happy!

Now I have even considered a possible alternative. A large discounters today again a small HD camcorder in the range. The quality itself should such a cheap device but cut out any webcam or?
Can such a camcorder then synonymous start on the calculator and still record on the internal memory? And yet s.besten the live stream to print on the monitor?


Antwort von stoneturner:

Hello Peter,

that's interesting. I work for a few weeks with the same idea, because I would like to build a box as synonymous.

Initially I had thought also s.eine simple webcam, but soon dropped it again, because I would have liked to TV quality.

Well I've been experimenting for a few days with my old Panasonic NV-GS11, a mini-DV camcorder. I connect the camera via firewire with the PC and transfer the video stream with a capture program directly on the hard drive. Such Capture Programs can be found for free on the Web, one of the best known is WinDV.

This works quite well so far synonymous. One problem is still the A-and off the recording. That actually is only a mouse click in the software. Did not you had the same problem? How do you get that because hinbekommen with the buzzer?

A good alternative would be my opinion, if the recording-start via the Picture itself could be triggered, for example a brightness threshold or motion detection. Technically, the software would be relatively easy to implement. The video stream will indeed receive a break from the PC. The software could analyze for example, the Picture and start with larger changes (; = movement or light) the recording.

Does anyone here have a DV capture software that can be such a thing? In the market segment "video surveillance" is there such an event-driven recording indeed synonymous.


Antwort von actiontof:

Hi Dieter,

The quality of the webcam is on DVD not so bad after all, as one might think. But we really want is synonymous change to a real camera ...

For capturing, we use as said CaptureFlux. Except for the Lagging at start recording software is almost perfect for our purposes. The shortcut for the recording, there is the space bar. We have now hidden in the box, the keyboard of the computer under a cover. And therein is the integrated buzzer (; selbstgebaut from a curtain rod and sawed one of the golf ball ...), just pressing the space bar underneath. The cover is also a repository for the beer glasses and if you have to use the calculator, you have the keyboard right there.

On the subject of Motion: Some of the approximately 37,436 webcam programs I've tested that offer such a function. However, there were always plenty of reasons to test this is not next to Programs. Therefore, I can not say how well this works.

On the subject of camcorders: How hardwarelastig is that of DV capture via a Firewire Camera? Afterward, the picture is just beautiful, but the recording still hangs ... ;)


Antwort von stoneturner:

Hello Peter,

with dropouts or trailers during or at the beginning of the recording, I have my way with no problems at all. I have started several times last night and and stopped the recording can be run once synonymous 2 hours s.Stück - everything properly and in good quality.

I suspect that it is s.Firewire. I've heard that it comes with USB tend to misfire. Otherwise, you could check whether any background processes interfere tap and CPU performance.

I'll watch me CaptureFlux times. Delivery will be like to capture whether the program is synonymous of Firewire can.

Your idea with the buzzer as an extended arm to the keyboard is so deceptively simple. My main concern would be: How can the user tell whether the recording has just started off right? Or he looks at your solution, the live recording on the screen?

I would still be of interest: What size is your box? Which material did you use for the building?

I look forward to further exchange of views.


Antwort von actiontof:

Hi Dieter,

You could even try to determine whether CaptureFlux works with Firewire? Then I would try this combination synonymous times. Namely, the program has the advantage that you can hide all the controls. Then just a window with the live stream on the screen remains visible. With ongoing recording a red frame appears around the window. Actually, the user should thus know when it is filmed, and when not to. But experience shows that many people do not get this done ...

The box we have built of squared timber and particle board, surface area is approximately 1250x1250. Since then fit two chairs together wonderfully pure. That does not mean that not more people reinpassen synonymous ...


Antwort von stoneturner:

Hello Peter,

I tried CaptureFlux. The detection of the camera s.Firewire connection works flawlessly. After starting the software will immediately appear in the live image preview window. Unfortunately, it hangs the program when I click on "Capture" click. Maybe it's s.meinem 64-bit Vista.

I have seen countless synonymous Programs. Good work for me the freeware Programs MooGear DV Capture "and" WinDV. Sadly lacking in both the full screen display of live recording.

Since this is important to me, I was (; decision subject to new evidence) for "AVS Video Recorder". The software is however not free, but costs a small license fee.

A small drawback is that AVS Video recorder is not captured in an AVI container as other Programs, but on the native DV format. This is not of the popular video editing programs accept as input, and must therefore go through another conversion process.

Incidentally, I have to do without the safe at the start and stop the recording by the user. Instead, the recording will start at the beginning and then goes through without interruption. One hour of DV uses about 13 Gbytes, with today's hard disks so no problem. The entire load must be cut out just after it.

My box is to have a floor area of 2m x 1,20 m and I want to tinker from OSB panels and timbers.


Antwort von actiontof:

Good morning,

We have installed synonymous OSB panels. I have now unfortunately no Stillimage at hand, otherwise I could show you the same building. The walls are assembled with bolts and angles, so that you can break down quickly on part-and space-saving when not in use and can be anywhere in the corner.

Calculator on our XP is running because of CaptureFlux Thats has no crashes. On my private computers with Vista 32-bit but I could watch synonymous. So blame on Vista. I'll get me just a convenient camcorder and then try out the times.

We leave the stream window, but not synonymous to run in full screen. Even the small window draws the most people, starting at very ... Another advantage: The desktop background picture is integrated directly into the user manual!

For me, the most important feature of the Buzzer s.der box because s.mir usually hangs DV editing. And users with Start / Stop (need, of course, only in the ideal case ...) with no cuts. I have a DVD template, from the individual videos, a film with automatic chapters s.der border and is the DVD is finished!


Antwort von stoneturner:

Moin Peter

I wanted to screw the box down properly, but maybe I ought to think about a mobile version, which can dissipate quickly. Which thickness you have taken?

I will be testing times CaptureFlux synonymous with XP. If this works, there is certainly in question.

In cutting, I would gladly forego synonymous, but I do stop to worry that the one-off and not reliable enough to work. It would be disastrous if the whole thing gets out of rhythm, and turn the people silently opposite directions, that is "off" instead of "A" and vice versa.

I plan to equip the box with a dim steady illumination. This will require (a striking switch, for example, give a buzzer), with the instructions that enable the recording starts. In reality, however, the user activates only the headlamp. I see it two advantages: Firstly, the user gets a clear visual signal that action is needed. Second, we find later, when cutting the relevant bodies faster.

Very nice is the idea with the instructions on the screen. I am here not even come on it, irks me now a little bit ...

Greetings from Hamburg

Antwort von actiontof:

Hi Dieter,

So with respect to storage and mobility, we have agreed on the plug-in version. I have you filed on time, a Rapidshare Stillimage. Unfortunately, I have found only one Stillimage from the construction period, but the building can be seen as quite good.

- Front and rear are reinforced with timbers.
- The side wall is inserted between the angle and then secured with bolts.
- The other page is maintained with a curtain rod at a distance. Instead of a door, we have then taken a shower curtain.
- Stability get the whole through the Kantholzrahmen from the roof, so the box is like a one.
- All the electronics are located in the aluminum box, which is mounted and secured with a padlock.
- At the cross-ties are each fastened a board. At the bottom of the calculator is, (on the top of the monitor, of internally behind plexiglass).
- Camera and Micro s.der are directly attached to the wall.
- The lighting we have a simple 100W bulb in such a housing construction site. The illumination is still not optimal

Turn in opposite directions the topic: Yes, does happen. Despite instructions directly on the monitor and direct evidence. Alarmingly, this happens synonymous sober people. I have had some videos, stand up like the people who congratulate themselves on their cool slogan and leave the box. The next comes in, trying to think of what to say and stop the recording ...
We still consider synonymous to install a second feature, the red part of CaptureFlux definitely not enough. Walking the lighting is to miss a good approach! The deluxe version would be an "on air" lamp, but how do I switch synchronously to the recording ...?

And here lies the Stillimage:
PW: buzzer


Antwort von stoneturner:

Hello Peter,

thanks for the Stillimage. It is interesting how similar and yet how different it is possible to construct such a thing.

For me, technology is synonymous housed in a box. There are also racks for the calculator and for the monitor, but on another level for the Camera and the Microphone.

My technique is wooden box and will not be built without s.The box, but how to assemble a piece of furniture inside s.The wall. That is why my box is so synonymous longer.

The technology box is almost finished. I send the Stillimage tomorrow.

The box itself I want to build similar to the squares, I would, however, lay inside. The door is with me also a curtain.

The lighting is much more expensive for me. I'm going with a three-point lighting set up to work, so an edge light, a guiding light and one brightener.

An on-air lamp is made synonymous. Is with my concept so simple to implement, is simply connected in parallel to the headlights.

See you later.


The will, however, outside angebrahct

Antwort von actiontof:

The lighting is on us at that time from lack of money and time get a bit rudimentary ... When we have amended the with the camera will come in as synonymous new light. With 100 watts, we do have a lot of light in the booth, but the coverage itself is not really optimal for the frontal video.
Would you for the rapid an idea for an "on-air" light come up with our concept? The Tastaturbuzzer is not as reliable as that might be synonymous to control a lamp. Otherwise you there really a glitch, and the people will not be included. But as I a capture program will extract a control signal, I know not synonymous. Apart from that, I will order a lightbox anmache ... I fear that without soldering iron and program itself will not do.

I'm curious to your Stillimage.


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