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Frage von Jan Müller:


I have a somewhat complicated problem, which I do not really weiterkomme.

Objective: video in 640 * 480 DivX / Xvid and MP3 format online at YouTube. Videos are not longer than 3 minutes and should not exceed 9 MB.

1. Output Video: Medion MD9021 (Aldi) PAL DV Avi 720 * 576 (or so) 16-bit audio
2. Output Video: AVI / MPEG video in 640 * 480 (background video)

Using Bluescreen keying in Premiere Pro, I then 1.Ausgangsvideo on the 2nd Video output, which I use as wallpaper.


1. I use my Medion Cam to bluescreen shots of persons.
Then I take the film entirely about Firewire port as a DV AVI to.
2. Since the movie is 720 * 576 and my background video 640 * 480, I must first of the Blue Screen at Studio 640 * 480 runter expected.

Question 1: Which format is right for me to convert to 640 * 480, so that afterwards I still synonymous changes can? Or should I bluescreen keying previously made, then the video to 640 * 480 down and finally calculate both videos join?

3. The finished project then yes, I must still in DivX / Xvid and MP3 output. I have already read in the forum that MP3 edition of Premiere is not working.

Question 2: Is there a now a plugin or something. Or someone knows a tutorial on the subject?
Question 3: Do I have divx / xvid export other settings, or is the format (fps, kb / s, size) fixed.

Thanks for the answers!


Antwort von AndyZZ:

The Down Computing uf VGA (640x480px) only at the end make the two final edition of your movie. Say: First, cut all the work, effects, etc keying material with the original settings. If your movie is finished, then the corresponding output parameter set and let down.
Anything else you dirty material and Keyingmöglichkeiten.


Antwort von Jan Müller:


thanks for the replies.

Well, I've done as suggested:
Only the entire film including bluescreen keying completed, then as uncompressed Avi again saved.
Then, with Virtual Dub and open than xvid and mp3 encoded. Problem is, however, that when I finished file a green strip had left. This "green stripe is a green mirror image of the person that I've recorded, almost a duplicate of the film on the left page, which attracts Schlieren (Hope I could be reasonably describe). What do? The problem I had been synonymous with heavy compression Premiere Pro, so it is no problem Vdub.
However, I suppose one of the predefined "Default compression" of Premiere, I have no problems, however, the film is still huge! 3 min approximately 130 MB that can not be, right?

Did the compression with VDUB already carried out various tutorials - but without a better result. This method, for example:


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